Friday, October 19, 2012

taman safari

earlier this week, we went to taman safari.  we had such a great time.  our kids are at the perfect age to really enjoy seeing the animals!  the first section we took our car through the safari.  they had parts where you couldn't roll your windows down (like with the lions) and then sections where you could feed the animals from your window.  luke LOVED feeding the animals.  those animals had no fear... i mean, they would have stuff their whole heads in our windows if we could have left them.  unfortunately the motors to roll up our windows are a little worn down... we had a few close calls trying to pry them up before an animal entered!  

luke sat in the front seat with papa most of the time (partly because papa was the only one who wasn't driving the car who was brave enough to try to feed the animals).  :)  luke was really brave!  

i tried to feed them a carrot once but after i saw these teeth i freaked out and threw it out the window so the zebra would go away.  i mean, those things are sick.  

but i will say, i think if i were ever called by God to be an animal photographer (which i am praying against!) i'd like to photograph zebras.  they are really cool looking!  

luke feeding the deer.  that is a carrot in his mouth, not an orange tongue.  

luke checking out the hippos.  they were cool and just chillin.

next was the dolphin show.  mary LOVED the dolphin show.  she was far away enough that she needn't be afraid.  she cheered and gasped every time they did something cool.  dolphins are amazing animals.  so precise in all they did.

there was also a few animals that we could get our picture taken with.  the baby lion was resting when we passed him but we were happy to be with the more safe orangutan (which is actually from the indonesian word meaning 'jungle man').  mary didn't want to have him on her lap but she was happy to be near him.  luke was pretty interested too.  

i think the baby orangutan had a special affection for luke.  i mean, look at that gaze.  :)

i tried for a few HOURS to get my mom to hold the orangutan.  i just thought it would be so funny.  i kept telling her her friends would think it's so cool and funny (as if she's 14 years old and easily influenced by peer pressure).  she never caved.  she got close though.  i think the orangutan knew mimi wasn't too interested in him.  look at his face/ stance!  hilarious.  and yes, he is wearing a diaper.

he was a rockstar and he knew it.  I mean, look at that pose!  

then we saw his parents.  they were clearly still in love.  i mean, look at them holding hands.  it was so cute.  the dad waited for the mom and then helped her down the hill.  they came right over to the wall and just stared up at us.  

all in all, i will say, we loved taman safari.  honestly, i'm no animal lover but it was really fun for the kids and they had a great time!  

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