Thursday, October 4, 2012

we are animals lovers.

okay, we're not animal lovers at all.  but, we did go to the aquarium in CT and that was fun!  our favorite part was when we could hold the birds because our kids could actually get close to the animals.  it was cool and i was proud of how brave they were... most of the time.  

 it was like a huge cage full of birds and you buy sticks with bird food glued on it so the birds come to you.  they would just land right on you.  here is mary being so brave holding the stick and bird all by herself!  her facial expression is only a little worried.  

luke holding the bird too...

and tim gets the award for "bird whisperer"... there were birds on his sticks the entire time.  it may have been because he recently shaved his beard (which was the size of his head) so the birds weren't scared. :)  

mary waiting for the penguins to swim by... those little guys were hard to photograph!  

her look of delight and pride after she pet whatever creature that is.  

luke also pet the creature.  

funny story about this picture (at least i thought it was funny)... i forgot about these pictures and i saw this one first.  i saw the little asian family behind me and thought, "i can't believe i wore such a scandalous tank top in indonesia!" (i would NEVER wear that tank out in public here)  then i remembered that i was in america and i was relieved.  i don't know why that was funny to me, but it was... so laugh.  :)  

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