Friday, November 16, 2012

lately from my phone...

a glimpse of our day to day life from my phone.  so glad that we have phones with decent cameras these days.  i love capturing the random, daily things our kids do.  

luke 'taking pictures' with the tripod/poking his eye out
daddy love
mary, in her exercise outfit, playing basketball

luke, the baller...

mommy love
mary being pouting and not wanting to go to school... and luke joining in the fun.  :)

luke, in all his chubby glory, on a morning walk

luke eating his daily "kismis" (raisins) and oatmeal

just "cooking" in the pool... she made sure i ate ALL of my "pizza"

i love that drinks in indonesia always have pictures or words :)

coloring is a new favorite activity in our house... i love it!

mary and her 37 sleeping companions... books!

the pizza hut king!

we love pizza hut here!  the balloons help occupy them too.
luke being a fairy, clearing he has a big sister  :)

the nasty rat that bit mary.  i hate him.  

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