Sunday, November 18, 2012

love and toots

every night at dinner we ask each other what we are thankful for from the day.  mary has taken it upon herself to ask everyone... so of course, luke wants to ask everyone also.  he says, "daddy tone-tul?"... we're pretty sure he's trying to say thankful.  Then, danny answers and luke smiles and says, "oh, weet"... meaning "sweet."  that's what mary says, because that is what i usually say to mary.  it's kind of unbelievable and scary how much kids learn from parents and big sisters.  anyways, tonight was funny... 

tonight mary asked me what i was thankful for.  i started to explain how i was thankful for a worship service this morning and particularly how i got to be with luke the whole time.  we were on the floor, he was being so sweet, playing instruments (it was a kid-friendly gathering), singing along, and cuddling and kissing me.  he is such a little lover!  as i'm saying all of these sweet things about luke i look over at him.  he is staring right at me with a very strained face and then toots for awhile.  i said, "did you just toot?!?" in amazement and disgust.  he just smiles and says, "ya."  

moment ruined.  
is this what i have to look forward to as the mother of a little boy?!?!  love and toots?!?

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Helen Hendro said...

Lol, CJ laughs like crazy if I look at him when he toots, or pops as we call it. I say what was that, he laughs more and say my bottom goes pop! Boys :)