Saturday, November 3, 2012

three favorites

here are my kids with three of our favorite people in indonesia.  this is daily life... just hanging out.  

this is vera, she is the daughter of ibu sri (who watches our kids).  vera is over all of the time and we love having her at our house.  i also have the opportunity to get time with her weekly one on one and it's been great!  she's a freshman in college, has dreams of what God wants her to do in life and loves my kids!  we're so thankful for her!

this is ibu sri.  she's the lovely women who watches our kids when i'm studying language every day.  she is amazing.  she loves our children like they are her grandkids, she helps us so much culturally and with language stuff and she just looks out for us as a family.  it's not always to get simple things done here and she's always willing to help me figure out how to do things here... like when i called her today flipping out because there was a rat in our kitchen.  she said, do you want me to come now?  i assured her i was a big girl and could get it myself... and now it's under the fridge.  pray the rat is on the trap in the morning.  and that some man miraculously stops by and is willing to take it outside.  danny is out of town for A WEEK!  tear, tear.  enough about the rat...   here is ibu sri blowing bubbles with mary.  

this is ibu anik.  luke and ibu anik are just mending their friendship.  :)  he wasn't too comfortable with her for a long time and something clicked a few months ago and he likes her now.  she loves our kids and is a sweet woman.  she is the one who rescued me from the first scorpion i found on the shower curtain (while luke was in the bath).  since then, i have killed one myself.  but, she is still a hero in my mind. 

my goofy boy.  and yes, my kids are frequently without clothes.  it's hot here!

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