Tuesday, November 27, 2012

turkey and twists.

mary and luke, thanskgiving 2012.  

this is luke getting ready to do the twist... can you see him lowering that stubby, awesome body.  i know, it's hard to see... his legs are short.  i love when he dances... and jumps... and runs.  he's a bulldozer and has no control of his limbs.  mary wasn't into dancing. 

luke often just stares off into the distance and i put a camera about three inches from his face and he pretends not to notice.  he just poses, in a very "i'm cool and contemplative" way.  

mary and some friends doing the fun crafts!  thanks for organizing these for the kids!  she loved it.  

we had our thanksgiving celebration at the lunch room of the international school because there were so many people.  it was great because the playground (and soccer practice) were right outside the door.  this picture cracks me up.  luke stood in front of this kid trying to get his ball or trying to get him to get up and play with him for a few minutes.  that is a long time for a 1 year old to stand still and stare at a stranger.  he wanted so badly to communicate.  it was so cute!  luke can hardly handle watching practice... he wants to be on the field (not on the sidelines!) kicking with the big boys.  

i have no idea what eli is doing here but i love it... maybe luke was trying to teach him the twist.  i love eli and his expressions... and this is one i've yet to see. 

speaking of eli and football.  i think my favorite part about thanksgiving weekend was friday morning.  we went to the marcuses and watched the pats game (LIVE) which we've never been able to do here.  the kids played together in a miraculous and harmonious way, like never before.  carolyn made chicken chili and we all just hung out.  we're so thankful for easy-to-be-with and spontaneous friends here!  

one more thanksgiving celebration...
the monday before thanksgiving we did a thanksgiving celebration with the teachers, students and everyone's families from our language school.  it was a really fun time and a chance for us to share some of our culture (and food) with them.  this is one of our teachers, mas sam... he's funny (obviously) and so good with kids!  they all had a great time playing all of the little games he made up for them.  

the line of food... and leslie, doing our favorite asian picture pose, with the turkeys!  she did so much work to coordinate everything and create little details that made it extra special.  thanks, leslie!

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