Saturday, December 15, 2012

buckets and ladles

yesterday mary wanted to play with the hose so i got out some buckets and ladles for them to play with.  it was so fun and they were being so mild with the water play... 

 and then our favorite neighbors came over... and this happened.  i guess little brothers are pesters in all cultures.  :)  he soaked his big sister!

and the accidentally got his bum in the puddle

"london" (his name is langgeng... but mary calls him london, which i love!) is so fun and i think luke picked up on how to really have fun with water! 

and then luke dumped the water on his face and freaked out.  look at that face... i was dying laughing!

 luke and london, little buddies.  we are so thankful for these sweet and fun neighbors who randomly stop by our house and play for hours.  they are great friends and examples of kindness (and fun) to our kids.  

they they went home and we ended the afternoon with this... :)

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