Wednesday, December 5, 2012

happy birthday luke!

our baby is two years old.

we had a little birthday party for him a few days ago.  it was a sweet time of eating, hanging out and letting the kids play like crazies.  i decided to attempt a ball cake for him and after a few hours into my labor of love i decided i would never do this kind of thing again.  i would rather play basketball with my boy for 5 hours than bake him a basketball cake.  he did think it was cool, so that's good.  :)

singing happy birthday... in two languages.  the english version was kind of overtaken by all of the indonesians so the rhythm was totally wrong.  us americans had a hard time following our own song.  it was hilarious!  

he wasn't that into the cake.  i had images in my mind of him devouring the ball (like i would do now) and he ate about two bites and wanted to go play.  he did eat a whole piece the next day.  and mary had her share of icing for both of them!!!  :)  

some of the special people in our life here... and me dangerously holding a knife over eli's head.  i promise it wasn't that close.  

the next morning we had pancakes for breakfast and sung to luke again.  here's mary showing us she is three years old... 

and luke telling us he's "DUA!"  he says it very confidently with his gang sign.  

i will write more on luke soon, but we are so thankful for our little guy and the two years we've had with him.  he is so funny and such a lover!  we love you, lukey!

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