Monday, December 10, 2012

mary's christmas performance

mary had her christmas performance a few days ago.  man, was that interesting.  it was a little more crowded and long than we thought, but we saw her sing her little song she's been practicing at home for weeks.  so cute.

my sweet girl!  (photo courtesy of ben)

so after mary's song luke and i had to head outside.  i was standing in the back with no room to move holding luke.  he needed to be set free.  so, we played outside and took pictures together.  :)

then we went back inside to mary's classroom where she gave us the card and cookie she made us.  clearly there was a language issue in the communication regarding this cookie because she was convinced that big cookie was for her, even though it was in our card.  we'll blame it on the teacher's language.... or her uncontrollable desire for that cookie.

then we went home and they shared the cookie.  i love it when they are little buddies like this!

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