Sunday, January 27, 2013

family basketball

here is a glimpse of one of our favorite weekend activities.  the international school (where i help coach the basketball team) is about 1.5 miles away.  we pack the stroller up and walk up the hill... yes, it is almost ALL uphill... then we play basketball or run or whatever for an hour or two.  exercise for us and good time with the family.  win, win.  

here's a video of us running.  don't mind me looking like a total dweeb running... mary is convinced that running fast means flailing all limbs about, so that is what i did.  i love that at the very end luke yells, "yes, i win!" just like mary.  

living in indonesia, we have to do everything we can to keep our kids from becoming soccer players (a sport danny and i are not overly fond of).  so, we provide ample time to learn the wonderful game of basketball.  :)

danny and luke dribbling together

danny showing luke how to set up to shoot a jumper... luke totally has a one handed shot and tries to flick his wrist at the end!  it doesn't go more than one foot forward but hopefully we won't be correcting a two handed shot in 8 years.  :)

mary practicing her dribbling skills with danny on defense

me practicing my dribbling skills while they try to get the ball... 

luke's love of " lukey get it" has really improved my skills  :)

mary going in for the layup... with pretty good form, i might add.  too bad the ball comes flying forward instead of toward the hoop.  :)  one day, mary.  

Thursday, January 24, 2013

lazy day...

we've been pretty busy lately with random things and i haven't posted much.  but, today was a nice lazy day at home.  i mean, i got out of my pjs and took at shower at 5:30pm... and put clean sleep clothes back on.  :)  and my kids did the same.  luckily, my sleep cloths are a little less obvious than theirs so our guests didn't see me in an elmo outfit.  

the morning started with our sweet neighbors coming over at 8:30am.  they stop by all of the time on days off school and we love it.  they played for about 4 hours but i only have this picture to show for it. we love these kids!

all of the kids then played outside with water (buckets and ladles again) and then it started to rain.  luke loved playing in the rain with water.  mary and luke were wet so the rest of the pictures they are without pants (or cloths at all for luke).  they stayed that way until they bathed before bed.  it's hot here! :)  

then mimi made these amazing three layer mint brownies.  yummy!  she had very helpful helpers... as most 2 and 3 year olds are in the kitchen.  

i'm pretty sure the top reason my kids like to help with baking is so that they can eat the sugar, dough, icing, etc.  here, they're finishing up licking the beaters clean.  

we also took the christmas tree down.  we have another very helpful helper!   

that's his so proud face as he actually got a branch off!  

then the kids made dinosaurs using card stock and toilet paper rolls.  i've been saving our toilet paper rolls for a long time.  i've now done three crafts with them and i think they're almost gone... until tomorrow.  today i asked mary what she wanted to make and she said a dinosaur.  so, we went on pintrest together and i let her choose what she wanted to make (assuming we had the supplies).  i've never done that but it was actually really fun.  i liked having her choose the craft.  she had vision for it from the beginning... sometimes i think it's hard for her to picture what we're actually doing.  anyways, i'll be doing that again.  

and here is our finished product.  mary's is on the right, mimi helped her with some of the coloring, obviously.  luke's is on the left... and he made that beauty all by himself!  :)

two other things not pictured.  my friend, vera, came over and hung out most of the afternoon.  we had tortillas with cheese and salsa... something new for her.  i really enjoy having her around.  secondly, my mom cooked a great dinner for us!  we found ricotta cheese at our grocery store (definitely have never had it here before) so she used it to make lasagna.  it was delicious and a great change from rice and chicken.  :)  thanks, mom!

oh, the reason every one was home and not a school/work... today is a national holiday.  muhammad's birthday.  if only you all could hear the mosques singing now... they are loud!  i just hope my poor mom can sleep through it tonight! 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

dental clinic

our schedule has been a little crazy lately!  my parents came in town but my dad is only here for one week... a week that was full of dental work.  we set up a clinic at our language school and worked on our teacher's teeth all week.  i was his assistant/translator most of the time.  i had fun and learned a lot... and realized how exhausting dental work can be (maybe especially in our conditions)!  my parents both have done so much to help and serve our friends here, and we're thankful!  

i only pulled the camera out once... just didn't have much time.  so, here are a few shots of our "clinic".  

this is the whole room.  we have all of our equipment on the tables, the "sterilizing" process on the desks, and the portable dental for all of our patients.  usually when we've gone to the jungle we've done a ton of extractions and maybe a few fillings.  but, this week we did a lot of restorative work.  i got to learn how to do root canals, crowns, and we even did a bridge of a guy's three front teeth.  wish we had before and after pictures... it looks great!  

Sunday, January 13, 2013

auntie kim in indo

 auntie kim came for Christmas and ended up having an unexpected extended stay due to some visa issues in her African country of residence.  we were happy to have her!  

one of the few indonesian experiences she had (we didn't get out much).  she rode on the motorcycle with leslie and got to share the two headed rain poncho!  the funniest part is that leslie bought it without knowing it had two holes so she wears it all of the time by herself.  but, that day they were thankful for the second head hole.  :)  

basically we did a lot of playing around the house.  the kids loved having a buddy to play all kinds of games with! that first photo is her trying to hold her laughter in as mary explains something very important about her chalk squares... i love it.  

 mary did some tower building and luke did the destroying.  i just explained to mary that just like she likes to BUILD the towers, luke likes to DESTROY them.  so, she gets a turn to build and he gets a turn to destroy it.  not sure that is a long term solution to luke's inner godzilla.  

we celebrated the 13th day after Christmas by decorating cookies... mainly because i couldn't get my act together to do it before Christmas.  we ate way too many sweets these weeks... and by we, i mean me. 

the kids got a new play dough set for christmas and kim was the ultimate play dough assistant all week!  they really played almost every day and of course i only remembered to take pictures the morning she was leaving.  but, lukey and auntie kim had a good ole time making noodles that morning.

and lastly some snuggles with auntie kim and mary before she headed out.  

we were so glad to have kim here with us for christmas break again.  it's great that our kids get some extended time with their auntie.  we miss her already!  

Friday, January 11, 2013

instagram upload

instagram photos lately... 
 here's daily life with the kids.


sharing sharing mango
early morning snuggles with mama

happy 27th birthday baby Jesus  :)

merry christmas!  yes, my two year old is wearing a onesie. 
baby Jesus in His manger being watched by the jungle animals



the boy loves bacon, like his daddy
piggy time like his sister

"helping" at the grocery store

what's up, mom?




making random friends and checking out their animals
playing "mary" with baby Jesus in her tummy 
putting baby Jesus on His bed 

Friday, January 4, 2013

we love sate!

we are not a huge "eat off of the side of the road" kind of family... but there is one exception.  we love sate on jalan kawi (the name of a road in our city).  i have recently decided it is one of my top three favorite places to go to eat as a family.  

this is the guy that cooks the chicken on the stick (called sate) on the sidewalk.  there is a little seating area behind him; it has white walls, a ton of smoke and about 13 calendars on the wall.  we still don't know what the deal is with all of the calendars.  :)  

the reason i love this place you ask?  they have one option for food... chicken sate.  you just say how many you want and the food comes fresh off the grill in about 4 minutes.  amazing for small children.  reason #2 i love it, my kids love the food.  i don't have to do any forcing to eat and that is just amazing these days.  luke has eaten a record of 11 sticks but usually averages around 8... mind you, i eat 10.  :) and reason #3, the food is amazing!  the chicken is served with a peanut sauce that is to die for!  

oh, and reason #4... we eat for about $2 a person.  

mary prefers to eat her rice like a true indonesian, with her hands.  :)  

**sorry for the terrible quality of photos... i was taking the pictures with my phone in a dark and smokey room.  :)