Sunday, January 13, 2013

auntie kim in indo

 auntie kim came for Christmas and ended up having an unexpected extended stay due to some visa issues in her African country of residence.  we were happy to have her!  

one of the few indonesian experiences she had (we didn't get out much).  she rode on the motorcycle with leslie and got to share the two headed rain poncho!  the funniest part is that leslie bought it without knowing it had two holes so she wears it all of the time by herself.  but, that day they were thankful for the second head hole.  :)  

basically we did a lot of playing around the house.  the kids loved having a buddy to play all kinds of games with! that first photo is her trying to hold her laughter in as mary explains something very important about her chalk squares... i love it.  

 mary did some tower building and luke did the destroying.  i just explained to mary that just like she likes to BUILD the towers, luke likes to DESTROY them.  so, she gets a turn to build and he gets a turn to destroy it.  not sure that is a long term solution to luke's inner godzilla.  

we celebrated the 13th day after Christmas by decorating cookies... mainly because i couldn't get my act together to do it before Christmas.  we ate way too many sweets these weeks... and by we, i mean me. 

the kids got a new play dough set for christmas and kim was the ultimate play dough assistant all week!  they really played almost every day and of course i only remembered to take pictures the morning she was leaving.  but, lukey and auntie kim had a good ole time making noodles that morning.

and lastly some snuggles with auntie kim and mary before she headed out.  

we were so glad to have kim here with us for christmas break again.  it's great that our kids get some extended time with their auntie.  we miss her already!  

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Sarah said...

Those are some great Kimmy pics! Mine never look that good and or funny :D