Thursday, February 14, 2013

her underwear are pink too

happy valentine's day from my sweet girl.  she's all ready for her school party with her many shades of pink.  yes, those are hello kitty socks... she's part asian, don't you know.

she's recently picked up some dance moves that have a bit too much hip movement than i prefer for my daughter... luckily she's just three.  not sure where she got it (danny?), but it's hilarious.  

and then she took a break to pick her nose.  she's sure to be a catch at her high school dances, right?!?

oh, and tomorrow is family day at school.  i feel kind of like the above picture when i think about the morning.  they told us all to bring an extra set of clothing.  danny is out of town so it will be me, mary and luke.  usually, i'm totally up for a good messy, wet play time outside.  but thinking of WET me at mary's indonesian school with my two wet kids... well... i may get lost at a local coffee shop on the way.  


Heather said...

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Alland Dharmawan said...

Love the last picture!