Tuesday, February 26, 2013

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instagram and other phone pictures...  

it's been a crazy few weeks.  danny was out of town for a few days, he was home two days and then i left for a week.  i went to surabaya for the training that danny went to last fall.  i was really thankful for the opportunity to go, learn and be thrown into indonesian.  i was exhausted by the end of four full days of deep teaching in indonesian, but it was great.  

then, there was the basketball tournament in surabaya starting the next day.  i've been helping coach the local international school team.  i really enjoy being around basketball, the other coach and the girls!  they're a fun team.  danny brought the kids up to the tournament and since i hadn't seen them in five days they were with me most of the time.  they both love basketball and our team.  the kids were in the middle of every huddle, waiting to yell "wesley stars!"  

i'm kind of sad the season is over, if nothing else for our kids, especially luke.  he loves watching the games, practicing his dribbling skills during half time and just being in the gym.  he was the half time entertainment for almost all of our games... and we had quite a few people ask for his name so that when he's in the nba they can say they saw him when he was two.  hilarious.  we didn't have the heart to tell them that he's predicted to be about 5'8" and slow (if he takes after mom and dad).  
daddy giving the kids snacks during the game.  he's such a good dad!
one of my favorite pictures.  love them both!
other photos from surabaya.... 
luke getting his 5th free sample.  danny said he couldn't have any more of his DQ blizzard so luke got off of the chair and walked straight across the mall walkway to get more ice cream for himself.  we were dying laughing!  white kids can charm there way into anything here!  
the kitchen in our new house.  we plan on doing a few renovations in it... like adding a wall and cabinets.  kitchen essentials in my mind.  oh and repainting the pink and purple outside wall!  what was the landlord thinking!?!

oh, that face!
picking flowers for mama.

daily life at home... 

sometimes the electricity goes out and we eat with head lamps.   it looks like i was having a good attitude, but no electricity at dinner time is one of my most trying moments as a mom.  
bath time is another hard one with no electricity.  (they were already in the bath when it went out...  we skip baths if the electricity is out before we start them).  :)
luke leading worship with some friends here.  he was so serious with his little guitar.

i think he felt stuck in the "house" mary had him in.  i took a picture before rescuing him.   mom of the year.

mary's school family fun day... 

looks like a great game.  but, those cute little red shoes in the left corner were luke's... and while he sat there he broke one of those glass bottle and cut his finger.  i didn't know it until i looked over and saw blood all over his hand.   next time, use plastic!  
i just love the way she is looking at luke!
eating their ice cream and dancing... love them.  

mary's family sketch (kim was in town so she was included). 

i will leave you with a few recent conversations with mary.  i just wish i could record everything she says now.  it's just so random and funny.  except when she talks for 2 hours straight... sometimes i don't want to record all of it.  she's a talker, i tell you!

conversation with danny talking about the Holy Spirit: 
mary: where is the holy spirit?
danny: He's in our hearts.
mary: oohhh, like blood.  

conversation with danny:
mary: daddy, i learned a new indonesian song today at school.
danny: oh, yeah.  what is it?
mary: (singing) Jesus is my superhero.
danny: i'm pretty sure that's english, mary.
mary: yeah, but it's in indonesian because we sing it in a funny way (read: thick accent from teachers).

later, danny hears it again.  
danny: mary, what language is that again.
mary: well, you can say "yesus, you're my super hero" for indonesian.

tonight i was praying for mary and i got kind of into it.  i'm praying/explaining the Gospel in my prayer.  I start praying that mary will know her need of a Savior and receive Jesus when she understands the Gospel.  Right then she stops me and i think she's going to ask me what a Savior does... she often asks me deep questions mid-prayer.  She says, "umm, mom, mom.  can you tell Him (God) something?  Can you ask Him if Jesus will be my super hero?"  sure thing, mary.

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