Tuesday, April 30, 2013

MARY, photos of our four year old

soon i will write an update about the wonderful and quirky things about mary... but for now, here are her four year old photos.  :)  mary, we adore you, our beautiful girl!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

instagram and sideways trash truck

here's the day to day of our family lately... 

mary and luke in the front seat together... that was a bad decision though it was for about 3 minutes.  luke enjoys pushing her head with his.  

underdog on the swing!  

mary's class field trip

my little helper, with her baby in the cart (of course)

my girl... love her.

family basketball time.  

afternoon finger painting

luke loves to wash the dishes!  he can easily be there for 15 minutes.  :)  

mary telling her "donkey" that she has come to fight in the name of the God of Israel.  :)
luke is ready for a little ride.  he can finally keep his head upright with his helmet on.   :)
ready for a swim in mary's new hello kitty goggles
downton abbey.... the amazing thrasher film!  and, can you tell me when the golden age of thrasher films was!?!  didn't know there was one.  

lastly, here is a photo to show the craziness of the streets here.  usually it's pretty easy to follow the flow of traffic here... motorcycles can be anywhere, people don't usually look before turning onto a main street and just follow the car in front of you (not the rules).  i'm totally used to it and feel very comfortable driving here.  but, when some kind of wreck or road damage happens here (there are OFTEN large potholes)... well, it's just handled very differently than it would be in the States. photo example above.  this is a two lane road that we travel on everyday... just down the street from our house.  to the left is the area garbage sorting station, and then big trucks come and take it away or something.  well, one of those big trucks tipped over in the middle of the road a few days ago.  this is what happened.  cars coming toward me snuck to the very small space to the right and continued driving.  cars going my direction just drove off the road, onto the garbage sorting area and also continued driving.  as you can see, the little black honda couldn't make is over the ledge so random men just pushed it right over.  no police, no one stopped traffic or tried to help get the truck out of the road... people just continued as if there wasn't a massive truck laid out sideways across both lanes of traffic and trash all over the road.   anyways, there's a little glimpse into the streets here.  

oh and i meant to take a picture of the hole on our road a few days ago.  unfortunately it's already fixed.  all of the sudden there was a massive hole in the street that clearly continued under our neighbors driveway.  it would have been really dangerous for a motorcycle.  but, don't worry.... they put a piece of bamboo in the hole sticking a few feet up and put an empty potato chip bag onto so that everyone would beware.  some traffic officials might think that's crazy... i prefer to think that indonesians are very resourceful.  :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

happy birthday mary!

mary's big day started out by going to school.... which she was super excited about because she knew i going to bring cookies at snack time.  i came in just in time for their little celebration of mary.  it was really sweet.  

they all sang happy birthday and mary's teacher prayed for her.  i love mary's school. 

that evening we gave mary her present... a "new" bike!  she was so excited.  here she is on her first ride with danny.  then our team came over for dinner... and we forgot to sing happy birthday to mary.  but, everyone said it.  :)  

then today we took mary to the international school gym to let her practice on her bike some more (the street in front of our house is half rocks and full of pot holes... she can't really ride on it).  she did so great and LOVES her new bike!

then today we had a few of her girl friends over for lunch and playing.  it was pink theme.  i realize every time i do something like this... well, it just not my thing.  :)  i also realized that she didn't care at all that the table was color coordinated and i made pink sugary popcorn.  note to self... order pizza and sit on the floor next year.  

mary and her cute little friends 

confession: we forgot to sing happy birthday again!  so, we never sang it to her this year.  luckily she didn't notice... though this picture kind of looks like she's mourning the fact that there is no candle on her cupcake.  in reality, she was exhausted and needed to nap (which of course she never did today)... she was just "be right back" as i call it.  

i'm going to write more about my wonderful four year old soon... but for now, here's the record of her celebration!  we love you, mary!!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

i love boston.

i have nothing new to say about the events that happened at the boston marathon yesterday, but i feel like i must mention it.  while living in boston, the boston marathon was one of my favorite days of the year.  i've never run the whole thing (but i intend to one day) but have run many miles helping friends accomplish an amazing goal.  it makes me so sad for the runners, spectators and the many people whose lives will be forever changed because of these terrible events. 

it makes me long for our Savior to return... to conquer sin and death, to bring His people to the new heavens and new earth, and to restore all things... including the many broken hearts and bodies.  praying that the God of all comfort will meet the many people hurting today and that they will know His presence and peace that is beyond comprehension.  

to end on a note to celebrate boston, my favorite city on earth.

i love boston because...

the life and activity that surrounds the charles river
the friendliness of people in difficult events
the short talk and strong accents of locals
the church culture that longs to show Jesus to their city
the amazing restaurants
the free events that the city holds for its residents
the boston common and everything about it
the red sox, celtics and patriots
the way the people love their city
the four seasons (though winter is too long)
trader joes and two buck chuck
community of faith christian fellowship
the way neighbors help during blizzards
driving on storrow drive
the weekend hay market
the parcel 7 parking garage
my dear, life long friends that live there
the running community and many road races
and lastly, that i got to wear winter clothing  :)

Friday, April 12, 2013

we are adopting!

We began praying about growing our family about a year ago and adoption came to our hearts but honestly, it seemed so impossible where we are right now.  We have always thought about adoption and hoped that one day God would call us to it.  This summer I was having moments of weakness and doubt… about myself as a mother and my ability to invest in the people that God has called us to.  While I was praying adoption came to mind again.  I felt like God said that though this road of mothering young kids and engaging/ministering in a different language and culture is difficult, by the grace of God I am able.  I felt like God said that now is the time to grow our family through adoption, despite my fears and feelings of inadequacy.  Danny and I prayed about this and felt right about it…  we were in!  After some further discussions with those wiser than us, we thought “are we sure this is the right time for our family!?!”  We again dedicated 30 days of prayer  and again we felt like God was calling us to adopt…. And we’re going for it!  

having a fun time making our sign... and i did intend to have a "G" on the end of "adoptin" but ran out of room and didn't want to do it over.  my capacity for crafts has limits.  :)

First, we are adopting because we believe that God is specifically directing our family in that direction.  We believe that God’s heart is for adoption and there are many ways for people to be involved in that…  we feel led to be involved by becoming parents.  We were once fatherless children in this world, without hope.  And our heavenly Father sacrificed His Son so that we too may become His sons and daughters (Eph 1:4-6).  We are adopted and this adoption is the means to our salvation and the eternity that we will spend with our Heavenly Father.  Though our decision to adopt will not “save” this child, we believe it is God’s heart to bring the fatherless and forgotten into a family (Ps 68:5-6), to be loved and cherished, just as God loves and cherishes that child.  We pray that our child will know his/her immense value in our eyes, but most importantly in the eyes of the Heavenly Father (Matt 10:30-31). 

this is ruthie, our sudanese doll from auntie kim.  ruthie is the beginning of our conversation of race.  :)

WHY ETHIOPIA (and not Indonesia)?
Well, Indonesia would have made sense, but the adoption process is very uncertain here.  There are no American agencies, no set process for families to follow, and the finalization of the adoption is very uncertain.  And, there is a law stating you can't adopt if you already have 2 kids (though we've known people to get around it).  Because of this we decided against Indonesia.  We chose Ethiopia for very practical reasons.  We want to stay rooted in Indonesian culture and language and months out of the country does not help that.  Ethiopia requires two short trips, which allows us to stay “planted” in Indonesia through our adoption journey. 

We wish we knew.  We started the process in November and it’s slow going.  This week we had our home study visit here in Indonesia... we hope to have our home study written and completed in the next month or two.   This is a long journey ahead of us and potentially even longer because we live overseas.  We are going through an agency that is experienced helping expats adopt internationally and have been so pleased with them thus far!    

I’m learning (already) that I have go through this journey with open hands.  I wanted our home study to be done months ago but we just keep running into things that are prolonging it.  With each obstacle I feel my grip letting go a bit more.  I have more peace about the timing now than I did when we started…. and I pray that continues to grow.  I know that God will bring our child home in His timing and I can trust that.  I may need to be reminded of this truth countless times throughout the next year, but I know that God is working a deeper trust into my heart… and for that I’m thankful.

So, welcome to our journey.  Please pray for our child, for our family and for this process.  This is another step of faith for us… there are so many unknowns.  But, we know that our heavenly Father cares more for our child than we ever will… and we trust that He will be faithful to lead this journey for His glory.