Monday, May 27, 2013

moving and imagination

tomorrow we are moving to surabaya!  we are excited to get there and well, if i'm honest, dreading the actual transition.  i'm about to go to bed with little things all over my house that don't have a home in a box yet... and the movers come at 7am.  :)  

i'm not sure how families with little people move.  mary is at an extremely creative stage... she plays pretend for hours and uses anything to make the scene for her current pretend world.  i love it!  i love listening to her talk in her room when she doesn't know i'm there, i love how serious she is about her made up world, and i love seeing her little collections all over the house.  well, usually i love seeing her collections around the house.  the last few days, i haven't so much loved the little collections that she desperately needs to play with until the day we move!  like hand towels and cards and tupperware and boxes and pictures and on and on. 

i've taken a few pictures with my phone the last few weeks as i see her things around the house... 

a line up of food

russian nesting dolls and their puff balls
casey, her baby items and the dalmatians
baby "canela" leading the line of african animals by the pots and pans
that's a coaster on the bear's head 
ruthie in her yogurt container

one of mary's favorite things to pretend is school.  here she is being the teacher and doing her indonesian songs from school with her "class" and doing story time.  i love this phase!

yesterday she was playing "jesus died on the cross and rose again", as we like to call it.  she had a little safari driver, who just happens to have his hands stretched out, play Jesus.  she asked me where the picture of her class was (it's the only 5x7 picture she has).  i told her i had already packed it.  she said, 
"mom, i need it to cover Jesus' tomb!"  i look over and there was little safari driver in a tupperware box waiting for the stone to be rolled in front of the tomb... or picture to be put on top of the tupperware.  :)  she proceeded to tell me that we don't know what is going to happen to Jesus and we have to wait three days... and that mary will know first.  

i love her imagination and i love her love of Bible stories.  though my littles make moving more difficult, i'm thankful for cute moments that bring a smile to my face in stressful times.  if you think of us tomorrow, say a prayer.  that i'm more patient and kind than i've been lately, that our transition is peaceful for our kids and that we honor God with our attitudes tomorrow.  oh, and that our truck is big enough for our stuff and that if it is an uncovered truck that a. they tie our furniture on really well and that b. it doesn't rain.  all of our fears would be solved if my little brother would have started his "Larking Moving" company in indonesia rather than florida.  :)

happy moving day to us!  

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

music at our gate

here is a look into one of the many differences about our life here.  well, first we have this ginormous spiky gate that is oh so welcoming.  :)   but, besides that, we have random people that come to our gate... or pass by our house hoping that their "noise" will entice someone to come out and give them business.  it's interesting... you get to know the calls, the objects being rhythmically banged and the many sounds that have a meaning to all indonesians.  

one day luke and i were inside playing and he heard the guitar outside. he went running outside to the gate, so excited to see these guys singing and playing guitar and asking for money.  :)  i grabbed my phone (camera) and some money (equivalent of about $0.30) and documented something about indonesia that luke loves.  

these guys are kind of outcasts of society, they hang out at street lights and play a little song by your window hoping to get a few cents.  they are tattooed (which is not looked upon well here), pierced and usually in black clothing.  sometimes they live on the street and sometimes they don't.  luke has no idea that society looks at them so differently than he does.  he is thrilled to see the guys with the guitars come by!  and, they know that luke loves them (read: we give them money) so they come back.  it's okay.  one day luke will realize that these guys are not looked upon well by other people, but i hope that he still smiles at them, looks at them with joy and excitement and communicates that they are valuable in the eyes of God.  

look at that face!  pure joy that the guys were singing for him and that he got to give them money.  so sweet.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

mary's seven roommates

mary is really really into pretending these days.  she carries these little people and dolls everywhere and makes up all kinds of stories with them.  they all have a name and i am frequently quizzed on their names.  their names crack me up... so random.  

last night as i was putting mary to bed i looked around her room and found little "beds" for each of her little people.  she had put them all to sleep.  i just think it's cute... so i grabbed my phone and captured it.  

introducing mary's roommates: 

this is danny sleeping on the net

here is "clifford" the little blue donkey (not the big red dog) and biscuit

this is dave, of david and goliath, on a folded up pillow case

this is casey, with her little red car (bottom right) and her pacifier, in a cardboard box

this is "emily elizabeth" (clifford the big red dog's owner), aka cinderella, face down on the blanket

this is "pak efendi" (our neighbor's name... who we really don't know that well) sleeping on the devotional book

this is linda (my mom) in her bed

there were three missing last night: david and goliath (who are wooden female buriat dolls... buriats are the people group that lives in siberia where i lived in 2001.  i've had the dolls since then... never thought i'd have kids that actually played with them!).  and pak puji, he is our good friends driver.  yes, drivers are common here.  he is a really sweet man and we carpool with them to school so mary sees a lot of him.  he has a mustache and always wears a hat, and the little man named pak puji also has a mustache and hat.  i thought it was hilarious the first time i heard her say it!  

as i was writing this post i heard one of the kids crying, or so i thought.  we often let mary "read" or play in her bed until 8:30 or so.... and sometimes we may forget to turn the light off.  :) but she usually just falls asleep. well, it's 9:30pm.  i thought they were both asleep.  i got up to see who was crying.  oh, it was mary laughing really loud as she played hide and seek in her bed with her little people.  that girl.  her little imagination is amazing right now.  i love hearing her talk and sing and play with all of her dolls and people.  love her!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

snake kisser

last sunday we went down to the area of the "sunday market."  the actually market is crazy packed (not enjoyable for our little family) but the main drag by the market is closed to cars and there are a ton of interesting people.  i really enjoyed going there and getting our kids out in our city... even though they got grabbed and photographed.  :)

it's kind of like each group of people with a special interest gather on a certain area of the street and do their thing together, whatever that may be.  on sunday we saw the snake owner club, the luwak owner club (a very pricey rodent that eats and poops coffee that is sold for a pretty penny.  i will say, it's good coffee!), the numchuck club, the dance club, and the bar tender club who threw their bottles and glasses all around their bodies (are there bars here?!?  didn't know about that sect of culture here).  very interesting.  so, here's the snake guys... probably where we spent the most time.

here's the dude smacking the snake so that it would jump at him.

and here is the smacked snake biting another guy's arm.  i guess that is the goal at smacking the snake.  crazy people.

i wasn't too into the snake... especially because his head was unrestrained and it just kept creeping towards me.  but, luke loved it!

lastly, the guy kissing his snake.  crazy, i tell you.
and here is the zoom in of the above photo... he was really kissing it!

then we moved along to the blaring music.  indonesians love loud, all things loud.  and they love to do group exercises/dance on streets.  here they are doing the gangnam style dance.  let's just say it kept me entertained!  :)  luke loved the music too.  danny and mary walked around and luke just stared at the stage for so long.  i was thinking, "don't get any ideas, buddy.  you will be an athlete, not a man in a hot pink shirt doing one hit wonder dances."  then luke busted out his moves (providing entertainment for all of his onlookers) and i was reminded that he will in fact not be a dancer.  we don't have moves in this family.... not that those guys did either, but you know what i mean.  :)  

next order of entertainment was this little ride.  luke loved it and his fellow passengers were so cute!  

lastly, a guy in some contraption that made him jump really high.  not sure, but it looked like something i'd like to try one day. 

there were a lot of other interesting things there, but it's just so hard for me to take photos with my kids (and good photos were definitely not happening).  it was a really fun morning though.  i love getting out in our city, seeing people and the things of interest here.  every time we get out and do something fun in the city like this i love indonesia a little more.  i love noticing the many funny cultural differences, talking to friendly people (indonesians are so friendly!), seeing other families having fun together.  i just like it.  

and, then the streets were open to cars again... and every other mode of transpiration that is used here.  :)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

pak sate!

we love sate.  sate is chicken on a stick with a delicious peanut sauce.  we found a guy that makes it near our house and it's probably our favorite place to eat as a family.  it's fast, extremely casual (obviously) and delicious so the kids eat happily.  win, win.  and, there are no options.  it's just chicken and rice.  4 portions chicken, 3 portions rice and 2 sprites every time.

the other big win is that now we know the guy and he loves the kids, especially luke.  luke pretends to make sate all of the time.  he sees a cereal box or cookie tray and automatically starts waving it (like the fans pictured below) and says "make sate."  pak sate, as luke calls him, sees luke coming and runs in the back to get an extra fan for luke to use.  it's so sweet.  here is luke helping him make our dinner.

yummy sate!

 after dinner luke even got to sit in pak sate's chair and fan the chicken.  he was so excited!  oddly enough, this little hole in the wall is going to be one of the things we miss most about living in malang.  praying we quickly find another sate place near our new house in surabaya!  :)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

gak mati, yesus hidup!

mary had her little school performance last week.  it was really cute to see her up there with her little friends... even though she hardly whispered her "lines."  but, she did have some gusto when she was singing her song!  "gak mati, yesus hidup... ya hidup di dalam ku" was the sound track of our house for the last few weeks... luke even learned the song and motions with her.  a direct translation: not dead, jesus lives. ya, lives inside of me" 

mary and her buddy eli had their performance part together.  they mixed colors together... mary was silent and eli was the talker.  here he was saying "come on mary, say it!" 

danny snapped this photo of the kids and their moms posing for the class picture.  don't we blend right in?  ;)

Friday, May 3, 2013

i watch him, i promise.

luke often makes buddies when we are out and about.  his primary criteria for a friend is whether or not that individual is in possession of a ball... and is willing to share it.  in the case below, this little boy was sharing a ball with luke and they played together for a good 45 minutes.  it was really cute.  then they went to the playground and the boy took really good care of his new little buddy, luke.  

people here are generally more protective of their children playing... independence is not a value here.   this evening i stood on the ground and watched luke as his little "protector" followed him around.  if luke was on the grass heading towards the stairs the kid would immediately look at me like, "aren't you going to do something?!?" and then run after luke to assist him.  it was so funny to me.  luke can climb the stairs by himself.  i wasn't worried.

i also had luke on the swing, and his buddy was right there with us.  the boy kept reminding me not to push luke too hard because he might fall (it was a big kid swing).  i just thought it was so funny and cute and such picture of the different cultural ways to view safety of kids.  the odd thing about this is that there are very, very few children that wear helmets when they ride motorcycles here.  to me, that is a safety issue worth worrying about.  don't' worry, my kids always wear helmet when they are on the motorcycle... and they are in their five-point harness carseats too.  :)

also today i went to the mall with the kids and our babysitter ended up coming along (miscommunication in timing so the kids were too excited about the mall to change the plan on them... so we all went).  :)  every time luke would get near an escalator i could see Ibu Sri's blood pressure rising.  she kept saying, "i'm scared, i'm scared, lisa."  she was terrified that luke was going to slip when he walked on and off.  i was right beside him incase he did, but he didn't want anyone to hold his hand.  he was fine.  it was just so funny to see her fear build every time and then every time he successfully rode the escalator she was so proud and giddy.  

i watch my kid, i promise. :)