Wednesday, July 24, 2013

instagram upload...

instagram photos from the past many weeks... 

future album cover.
serenading the wendy's workers
my little artist 
luke at the driving range... he managed to have three men hand him their clubs and balls to have a turn
super papa giving luke a bath (one of many!)
mary doctoring mimi
so thankful my parents could come again! 
our little family (this is our street)
mary's people made it to breakfast with us in malaysia
and luke taking advantage of the hotel breakfast... shoveling chocolate cereal with two hands
mom of the year: kids strapped in, video on my lap, and me in a massage chair
mary, ready to roll
one of many amazing things i received because of my amazing packing team (karen, kim and sandra)  :)
his second album cover
playing peek a boo in my covers.  i love his face.
luke helping me sweep a friend's house 
at the market after school... do you see the hand going in for the cheek grab
yes, he usually sleeps with his guitar
date night!  danny ate of his pasta and saved the bacon for the end.  kind of sick, i think.
date night away.  fabulous!
fresh cut pineapple... amazing!
a few things that got missed in the crazy schedule of life.  one of them is that my parents came and went... and worked endless hours helping us get settled and our house decorated (or livable).  i can't say it enough, i'm so thankful for their visits here, the friendship that we have with them, the hours they serve us and the way they are involved in my kids lives.  

and, i know that i have about two times more pictures of luke than mary.  a few reasons... first, mary is in school more so I'm with luke alone more.  also mary isn't always fond of the camera (or phone pictures) and luke doesn't care.  and lastly, luke is just such a ham right now he's always doing funny things out and about... he knows people love him and he works it for his advantage.  we will work on that as he gets older, but for now i'm enjoying how comfortable he is with the people we live among!


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