Wednesday, July 10, 2013

penang, part 1

last week we went to malaysia.  we thought that we would be getting our new work visas but it turns out they weren't ready.  but, our old visas expired so we had to leave anyways.  all that to say, we will be going on another short trip in the next few weeks assuming our visas come through.  if you think about it, please pray that they do.  we are really ready to settle, know that we have a longer term visa to live here and not have another out of country trip looming over our head with a few days notice.  pray for our friends here too... their visa journey has been much more difficult than ours. 

so, here is our vacation in penang, malaysia.  it's a little island off the mainland, is very modern and relatively touristy.  we did a lot of swimming, eating and walking (our hotel was about a mile from the nearest mall/eating area).  we saw some of the sights too.  it was a relaxing trip with little planned so we just enjoyed our time as a little family.  

danny and luke watching some kids play basketball... luke later joined them momentarily.

luke is loving silly faces these days and this particular one is his favorite.  he loves to do it to strangers across a room when he knows they are admiring his cuteness, he also loves to do it for pictures, when he facetimes family and when i'm about to discipline him.  sometimes i still have to bite my lip to contain my laughter.   

these are his admirers that he is making the funny faces for.  and do you see the hand that just finished the indonesian cheek grab.  they can't resist his chub.  

i tried out the timer feature on my camera... not something i'm awesome at.  but, we got a family picture... with very genuine smiles from everyone.  we love each other.  

we went to little india and the night market and did a few other touristy things.  but, i think that my kids are just too young for those kind of sights to be enjoyable.  they aren't stroller friendly (at all!) and usually don't have sidewalks so most of the time i'm fearing for my kid's life as we walk down crowded streets window shopping.

i don't have much else to say about our time in penang expect that there is a chilis that we ate at twice and it was amazing!!!  and they had an auntie ann's pretzels in the mall... and we ate there twice for lunch.  our kids totally don't appreciate the amazingness of western food.  they also have amazing indian food that we ate quite a bit.  basically, we look for a swimming pool and good food options when we travel these days.  penang had both so it was a win!  


Emily said...

Beautiful family photo, Lisa! You look gorgeous!!

Helen Hendro said...

We are going to Penang next month for a week and going on the train across to Singapore then flying back. Really excited for our upcoming trip! Looks like you guys had a great time! Kids are as cute as ever! :D

Anonymous said...

I have to admit-- I would have a hard time resisting those chubby cheeks too!!

Kathy Gibson said...

Oops that was me, Kathy, that published the anonymous comment:-)

Anonymous said...

that was an awesome family pic you got, lisa! hayley