Sunday, August 11, 2013

idul fitri 1434

this weekend millions of people in our country celebrated idul fitri, the end of the month of fasting for Muslim people.  it all started on thursday morning with a special service at each local mosque.  we have a mosque in our neighborhood so earlier this month i asked permission to come to the prayer time to take photos.  i was warmly welcomed... in fact, i had many people invite me to the front as they saw me awkwardly hiding behind things taking photos.  i resisted as i wanted to keep attention away from the only white, unveiled woman. 

i watched, prayed and photographed.

a look into the celebration in our neighborhood....

these are the two women who live across the street from us, one of whom is the leader of our area.  she says she now has grandchildren (luke and mary)... and our kids refer to them as "nenek", or grandma.  we have been so welcomed by them and are so thankful for this relationship.

this is a huge time of celebration, family and community.  many go back to their villages to be with family or visit family in the area.  as they greet one another on this day they shake hands, kiss both cheeks (for women) and say "mohon maaf lahir dan batin".  it means please forgive my sins, both internal and external.  they have an opportunity to make things right with others.  this is a deeply spiritual time for many, and i'm sure there are many who aren't thinking about the spiritual implications (just as many Christians don't truly focus on the meaning of christmas).  i feel like this is the first time that we are getting a glimpse of what this holiday is about for many people.  

our neighbors, the mothers of two of luke's "school" buddies (the one in white is his teacher also)

these are our luke's little friends from our neighborhood play group.  both live on our street and mary and luke have gotten to play with them quite a bit this holiday.  i'm thankful my kids have friends to play with our on street.

**obviously i don't have any photos of men... they were there, i just wasn't bold enough to approach the front to photograph them.  :)


karen said...

Lisa, this is awesome! Such an amazing job! Beautiful photos!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Beautiful pictures, Lisa. Thank you for sharing.