Wednesday, August 21, 2013

the cow-headed-train-mobil.

 a few weeks ago luke's neighborhood "school" had a special activity for idul fitri.  one of the traditions (for lack of a better word) of the holiday is to give food to the poor.  so, luke and his little friends all brought snacks that were complied so that each kid got 2-3 bags to give away... as we road on the random cow-headed-train-mobil around town. (see below)

here's luke's little class.  i mean, could the kids be any cuter!?!?

this is what we all rode on.  first, i thought that the kids would ride on it and the parents would walk beside it.  i thought we were just going on a little joy ride around the neighborhood.  not the case.  we all piled on with the 30 kids on our laps and we went all over our area and on major roads.  not something that would happen in the safety land of america!  :)

here's luke walking to the train with his bags.  love him.

getting ready to go.  mary was not too thrilled about be jammed on that train, as you can tell by her clearly stressed face.  once we got going she liked it a little bit, but it was a little too hot and crammed for my little girl.  she hung in there though.  

luke loved it because he was on my lap hanging half way out the entire time trying to pass out his bags.  i was holding him, trying to assure he wouldn't fall off into the sea of motorcycles, trying to help him give his bags to people and photograph the whole thing.  not an easy task.  here's a photo of the beauty/challenge of driving in surabaya.  

a few of the happy recipients.

and here's a terrible photo of us.  :)  a really fun cultural, unique experience... with about a gallon of sweat to show for it (as usual for me).  the joys of tropical indonesia. 


the Jennings secede from the South said...

I love his little uniform. Hee Hee. The cow train is really weird.

Lulu James said...

You are MAKING MEMORIES--it takes a LOT of sweat for some of us to make them! What a wonderful experience for your family. Loved reading about it!