Monday, September 2, 2013

and then luke threw his guitar...

last week we had a neighborhood event for the idul fitri holiday.  i was looking forward to another opportunity to naturally meet and mingle with many of our neighbors... and it turned out to be a rough day.  the picture below is a good representation of luke's attitude most of the morning.  he woke up grumpy and stayed that way.  unfortunately there were countless ladies trying to grab his cheeks and kiss him, which added to his rudeness.  

anyways, a few kids were chosen from his class to sing in front of everyone... like 100 people from our neighborhood, many of whom we have not met.  luke was asked to play his guitar with the kids... so there he is, in all his grumpiness, playing his guitar.  

he started eyeing the microphone, which was being fought over by his two silly friends below, and i started to anticipate something bad.

then cute little rasya grabbed the mic and started singing with all of his heart into it.  i could tell luke was longing for it but i was hoping he would contain his desire.  

the song ended and the teacher said the usual, "thank you for singing children, we are now done."  well, luke understood what she said and he LOST it!  **and that is where the photos stopped**  he went from 0 to 100 and started in a full out scream and then with all his might threw his guitar on the ground with two hands and fell on the ground.  and there i was kneeling down by all of the important men (because of course luke wouldn't go up to the front without me), with all eyes on luke... and me wishing i could escape into a hole.  i wanted to grab him and have a thorough "talk" with him.  but, that is not really accepted in this culture, they just pacify the cry.  so the teacher realized why luke was sad, grabbed the mic, called him up and let him sing a song all by himself.  and danny and i, of course, were a little disappointed he got what he wanted... but weren't going to argue with the many happy neighbors watching him.  we later found out that that many thought his display of anger "added to his cuteness"... something i will never understand.  :)  

then it was time to eat and he ate THREE, yes THREE, portion of sate (chicken on a stick).  his amazing love of sate drew a crowd but he just sat there unaware of his audience shoveling sate into his mouth. 15 sticks, people.  

the happy, full and naughty boy.  

and as the party ended it was karaoke time... they love karaoke here!  luke got a chance to be the star with his guitar and microphone... all was right in his world again.  below he is with the aunt and grandpa of one of his school buddies... such a fun family!

and mary, well, she would have rather been home the whole time.  she played with the girls a little bit and awkwardly stored her plastic bracelets in her dress most of the morning.  :)  the more she grows the more i see little introvert tendencies.  she doesn't love all eyes on her, like her little brother.  

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Emily said...

Oh, Lisa!! Hilarious and cringe-worthy all at the same time.