Thursday, September 26, 2013

bromo village lagi

here are a few more photos i took while in the village around bromo (where we did the 10k last month).  

i did a thumbs down as i ran past this guy, trying to gesture about his hat... i just left him very confused.  i'm pretty sure he doesn't know that he's wearing a hat that says "NY" and he definitely doesn't know what team it's representing.  :)
the girl in the green wasn't too excited about the photo.... obviously.

and then there were the boys from the village that would later perform in their cultural dance that evening.  they were really cute and had quite the personalities.    

here the boys are ready for their part in the ceremony.  most of the people in that area are Hindu and their ceremonies really reflect their religion.  i don't remember the stories behind these dances but it was something about a sacrifice to a god there.  it was very similar to something that would be seen in bali.  on a photography note, i have no idea how to take photos in the dark... but i wanted you to be able to see the ceremony so here they are.  :)


Jami Nato said...


Alland Dharmawan said...

You take beautiful shots!

Carroll said...

These are amazing, Lisa! So happy to keep up with your sweet fam. :)