Wednesday, September 18, 2013

fwuit of the spiwit

i've been wanting to do something intentional with my kids concerning Bible learning for awhile now.  but, it just seemed daunting and i didn't know where to fit it in consistently and would my kids even care?   i saw all of these intense curriculums online and i was motivated... but, it's not working out like i saw online.  surprise, surprise.  i'm just not that kind of mom.  and i'm okay with that (usually).  we've started something now and my kids seem to really like it and i'm not going crazy trying to plan the perfect daily Bible lesson for my 2 year old.

so this is to encourage all of those moms who look on pintrest and think, that looks amazing... and only amazing type A moms can pull that off... and i don't have time for that.  so, here goes our "plan" for now.  it's simple, flexible and go with the flow. 

we are starting with fruit of the spirit.  the first week we memorized Galatians 5:22-23 and then talked about what fruit of the Spirit means.  the following 2-5 months we will be talking about each fruit and memorizing a verse relating to it.  i was going to do a new topic every week but it's not working out that way so we're just switching when i'm prepared to switch.    

here is our first big craft that i saw online and adapted to be easier.  i drew some fruit and had the kids paint it as i talked about them (i'm an artist, clearly).  then, a few days later i painted a crooked tree and the kids glued the fruit on it.  it's hanging in our living room now and it's a good way to keep the conversations happening about the fruit of the Spirit.  

the masterpiece.  and being the Bible scholar that i am, i forgot one.  :)  i'll put the self-controlled papaya up when we get there.  ** danny was the one who noticed, of course**

last week (or the last 12 days) we talked about God's love.  God loves them and how He loves the people of the whole world.  they each did this little sign for their bedrooms to remind them that God loves the world.  we also memorized John 3:16.

i put a video of luke doing his first verse on facebook... i can't get it to load on the blog now.  maybe later.  i wish i had a video of mary doing her verse also.  she learned it after the first time going over it. honestly, i thought she wasn't paying attention that day and then the next day she said it by herself.  but she isn't quite as excited to put a show on for the camera as luke is... maybe later she'll be up for it.  

here is our other little craft about God's love for everyone.  danny was in charge of this craft while i went on a run.  he's a good daddy.  :)  

along with our little fruit of the spirit deal, we're trying to do family devotionals.  simple and no planning is how i would describe it.  we sing one song (sometimes loudly and with instruments), say our verse for the week, danny or i will talk about it for about 2 minutes and then we pray about what we just talked about.  it's usually a one sentence prayer i tell them... like "i pray that **they choose a person in our neighborhood** knows Jesus loves them today" since we were talking about God loving the world. 

be encouraged to try a consistent family devotion with your toddlers... you don't have to be a pinterest mom.  oh and if you have a (bossy) 4 year old, expect to be taught by her afterwards.  she loves to have us repeat after her for the verse.  i try to practice my fruit of the Spirit, patience, and go along with the game.  usually.  :)


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Hi Lisa! What a wonderful project. :) Hope y'all are doing well!