Tuesday, October 29, 2013

angels, i tell you.

last week i found a spot for photos that looked green and with a potential of seeing the sunset... not easy to find in this very dense, concrete city!  so i decided to take the kids there and try to *bribe them* to let me take photos.  it started out great... for about three seconds.  then, we saw the tiny red ants all over the place.  and, mary got her mad face on... she's got a good one.  

then came the pouty face... she also has a good one of those.  we had to relocate to the street... sad.  next time, i'm going with a can of bug spray and i will be victorious.  :)

luke had his "fake smile" debut... 

a small fact about luke... he's frequently "be right back" as i call it.  something will catch his eye (almost always the wind blowing trees) and he will just stare. it's like he's gone to another world and he'll "be right back".  he's done it since he was a baby and i think it's so weird that he still does it.  so weird and so cute.  

and i got one, genuine smile from mary... she has mastered her cheesy smile, as seen in the family photo  in the above header.  :)  but, that real smile... love it!

note of honesty: it's actually been a rough week or so with the kids... just rough.  so, to keep it real, life in our home does not always look like the first angelic photo of the kids loving one another.  they have sweet, sweet moments... but they are usually moments.  in fact, many times it looks like luke coloring on mary's masterpiece, mary sobbing and luke deciding to hit her while she's sobbing, just as the cherry on top.  they are adorable and i'm so thankful i love them... but man, do i need Jesus throughout my day.  like, really need Him.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

lesotho baby

there's a big change in our adoption plans... 

we are now adopting a baby from LESOTHO!  

we feel peaceful as we transition and are getting excited about the change.  i just added an "adoption" tab on the blog so if you know nothing about adoption journey feel free to read up.  i have done a terrible job updating because it's been basically just paperwork, but i'm going to try my best to update about it more regularly.  

we need to submit 6 family photos for lesotho and i think we have 2.  danny doesn't love being in front of the camera and i'm always behind it.  so this is our attempt to get to 6, about to go to dinner and search for live music. :)

are you wondering where is lesotho!?!  it's okay.  it's a tiny, landlocked country in the middle of south africa.  the terrain is beautiful, with mountains and snow!  i was coloring with mary today colored the mountains of lesotho.  she said, "and there's snow!?  maybe i can wear my jacket!?!"  :)  i would love to wear a jacket mary... as long as i'm doing it because it's cold rather than for modesty reasons.  

one of the cool things about us adopting from lesotho is the personal connections we have with the country.  a friend from the church i grew up in ministers in Lesotho and because of this many of my family members sponsor children there and a few have even visited.  it will be neat to bring our child home and into a family that already has a heart for his/her home country.  

Saturday, October 19, 2013

idul adha

last week was a big holiday in indonesia, called idul adha.  it is in remembrance of a sacrifice being provided to Abraham when he was told to sacrifice his son.  thousands of cows and goats are sacrificed in mosques and neighborhoods.  at the mosque in our neighborhood 8 cows and 25 goats were sacrificed... i only saw a few of them, but i've never seen anything like it.  

here's a look into the morning...

this is our sweet neighbor, luke's buddy's grandma

this is a becak (bike with seats in front) carrying all of the newspaper that was used on the ground during prayer

and i will stop at this photo.  you can imagine what happens next.  

it was actually a really fun day in our neighborhood.  all of the animals were tied up outside of the mosque and many of the kids and moms come to look at them.  we went and fed the goats with the kids' friends.  mary realized what was happening (though didn't see anything actually happen... just some blood) and had a ton of questions.  luke was oblivious, just trying to pet the goats and bulls.  

the meat is then cleaned and distributed to the those in need.  there was a gathering of about 250 women who waited 5+ hours for their coupon to get their 2lbs of meat.  that night we went to a friend's house and made goat sate (grilled meat on a stick).  i really love learning about the culture here and experiencing it.  even though we don't celebrate what the day represents, it is good for my heart to see things like this... the need to pray is so real and my love for the people grows.  

Friday, October 18, 2013

and we wait...

these two pictures are a photographic representation of our adoption journey thus far.

we do a lot of paperwork in a big hurry... in time to give all of the completed paperwork to the next random person we can find going back to the states who will carry it for us.  

this was danny very diligently working on financial grant applications.    

and then we do a lot of waiting... which is just about as fun as it looks.   

currently we're in a heavy paperwork/research phase, as some things are likely to change in our plans.  we're thankful for a God who is trustworthy and who always leads us in peace.  

we can't wait to welcome our new baby into our home... sometime.  :)  

Saturday, October 12, 2013

those lips

a little afternoon fun on our street.  

luke 'helping' timo blow bubbles... they had so much fun together.  they would blow the bubbles and then chase them screaming and laughing.  it was so cute.

and i'm not sure what is going on with mary... i think someone was stepping on her sidewalk chalk picture... which she gets very upset about.  she's got a very unpleasant, easily annoyed, possessive thing going on these days.  we're talking/praying about it... hourly.  :)


those lips are just too cute. 

lastly, his hair was sticking up because he dumped bubbles on his hair... but now i'm considering buying some kind of gel for his hair.  i mean, cute.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

digging for gold.

it's not rude here, i promise.  as soon as you grab a tissue to take care of your nose business it becomes gross... but the finger, the finger is totally acceptable.  

he's part indonesian... 

or maybe he get's it from his big sister.  

these were taken minutes apart from each other.  proud mom, here.  

Thursday, October 3, 2013

batik tulis

last week i went on a field trip with mary's school.  we went to a batik house.  batik is the traditional fabric here and much of it is factory made these days, but they still have "batik tulis" which means written batik.  each 2 yards of fabric is unique and created by hand.  it's a really cool process and unbelievably long!

the first step is someone drawing the design on the fabric with a pencil.  

then there is a series of wax applying and dying the fabric.  this fabric is at the beginning of the process, the fabric hasn't been dyed and is getting its first application of wax.  the women sit in a circle around a little pot of hot wax and fill their little "pens" with hot wax and draw the design.  that thing on her lap is  for all of the excess hot wax. 

below is another circle of women but their fabric has already been dyed once.  now they reapply wax where they want the first color to be preserved... and it will be dyed again.  i don't understand it all but i know it is tedious and beautiful.

this is the room with big pools of dye.  you can't really see anything because it was so dark but i love that you can see the splashed colors all over the walls.

then mary and her classmates got to make their own batik.  **notice a bit of the finished product behind the glass**  they drew a design on their fabric... 

then they got to use the hot wax pens also.  it was hard for mary because she didn't get that if she didn't keep moving the pen all of the wax would drip in one place... so she has a few big globs of wax.  

most of the kids were "assisted" like this, but mary wasn't into assistance... surprise, surprise.  i have an independent american kid.  :)  the women were so nice there and so friendly as they helped the kids.  it was a really neat experience!

then their fabric was dyed.  i'm not sure what the final product will look like.  mary hasn't brought it home yet.  it was a really cool experience and though the kids probably didn't understand just how labor intensive and amazing this process is, i did.  and i really liked seeing it!  and now i feel okay spending $15 on two yards of "batik tulis"fabric rather than $7 on the factory stuff.  :)

and lastly, here is mary with her sweet teacher, miss merie.  mary loves her teachers.  she has always quickly attached to them and adored them.  it's probably a good thing because otherwise i'm pretty sure each and every school drop off would be torture.  so, we're thankful for miss merie and the other teachers that mary loves so much!!