Sunday, October 20, 2013

lesotho baby

there's a big change in our adoption plans... 

we are now adopting a baby from LESOTHO!  

we feel peaceful as we transition and are getting excited about the change.  i just added an "adoption" tab on the blog so if you know nothing about adoption journey feel free to read up.  i have done a terrible job updating because it's been basically just paperwork, but i'm going to try my best to update about it more regularly.  

we need to submit 6 family photos for lesotho and i think we have 2.  danny doesn't love being in front of the camera and i'm always behind it.  so this is our attempt to get to 6, about to go to dinner and search for live music. :)

are you wondering where is lesotho!?!  it's okay.  it's a tiny, landlocked country in the middle of south africa.  the terrain is beautiful, with mountains and snow!  i was coloring with mary today colored the mountains of lesotho.  she said, "and there's snow!?  maybe i can wear my jacket!?!"  :)  i would love to wear a jacket mary... as long as i'm doing it because it's cold rather than for modesty reasons.  

one of the cool things about us adopting from lesotho is the personal connections we have with the country.  a friend from the church i grew up in ministers in Lesotho and because of this many of my family members sponsor children there and a few have even visited.  it will be neat to bring our child home and into a family that already has a heart for his/her home country.  


Emily said...

Wow, exciting! That's a great picture of you all!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! We are interested in adopting from Lesotho and doing some mission work there. Would you be willing to pass along contact info of the personal connections you have there? My email is . Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, my name is April. I realized my name didn't appear with an "anonymous" post. Enjoyed your blog as well, by the way.