Tuesday, November 12, 2013

instagram upload

a look at daily life through my phone…

luke and his buddy alif on a morning jog with me.  alif had never been pushed in a jogging stroller… he loved it!
ice cream night with cute chiara
luke is in love with baby farin!  we visit him almost daily… as soon as luke sees him he wants to hold him.  and surprisingly, the baby loves luke!  laughs and gets so excited when luke comes towards him.  i love it!

mary and her diagnosis book, she's a doc mcstuffins lover!

celebrating 6 years of marriage with a box of kraft mac and cheese.  love him! 

sometimes they have the sweetest moments!  sometimes.

making sate with ibu sri in our "back yard"-- read slab of broken concrete :)
yes, they really think his name is lucky.  bless his heart.
the dude with the red flag was directing traffic at a busy intersection, it's a self-made job.  the day before he had on a full santa outfit… i'm not sure what the deal is with him.  
my very creative, pretender… my trash is her treasure.  
this ONE tazmanian devil slipper was given to us by a neighbor.  i appreciate her generosity and friendliness, but i kind of hate stuffed animals.  and well, this is goes way beyond the basic ones that i consider space takers.  
pizza night!  
washing dishes after he got home from "school"… yes, that's his uniform.  :)
pancake dinner.  mary got a princess and luke got a racquet… which he tried to pick up by the handle and dropped on the ground.  
mary and her favorite big friend, vera!  we love vera!
oreo peanutbutter blizzard… my favorite dessert in indonesia.  
coffee date with my favorite little girl.  starbucks, comfy chairs, books, uno and a cookie.  so fun!
luke and his buddies at the park.  they were playing in a gutter… clearly. 
family worship night.  love this.

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