Thursday, November 7, 2013

parenting tip: dry erase

rarely do i share parenting tips, but today i have one.  dry erase.  it's amazing.  we do dry erase markers sometimes (though they are usually without clothing because it stains) and dry erase crayons.  dry erase crayons are the best!  

this is when i let mary loose on our tile floors.  we had pictures everywhere!  and a sweet note that daddy left on the floor before he went away for three days.  :)

this is one of luke's first recognizable drawings.  i love it.  he explained it as a person with one big tear and two mustaches.  luke is obsessed with mustaches.  and it's embarrassing because he often points, squeals and shakes in excitement when he sees a man on the street with a mustache… and usually he wants to greet them.  as if we don't stand out enough here.  

sometimes after using the dry erase markers they look like they just got done working on a car or something… so beware.

side note: if your child is prone to write on walls, bodies or furniture i would not let them loose with markers… it DOES NOT come out.  

also, living in asia we have all tile floors… dry erase is only amazing when used on tile.  give it try!

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