Sunday, November 24, 2013


the last few months i've taken photos at PAUD (luke's playgroup) in our neighborhood.  they want to do a calendar for all of the kids so they've asked me to photograph.  i'll be honest, it's not an easy task!  watching luke/handling his emotional outbreaks and photography at the same time isn't easy.  i usually leave DRIPPING sweat… like i just ran a 10k.  also, they want the photos to show a lot of kids together… and i like more of an small group/individual look because it's cleaner and shows the kids adorable expressions.   but, i'm doing my best and i know that i'll be thankful for these photos one day.  

the kids with their newspaper hats on about to go on a walk.  luke wouldn't sit down because i wasn't sitting with him… and he wouldn't wear his hat.  he's got a will, i tell you!

doing their fun songs that they sing every day.  luke just started going to the circle without me… it may have been the bubbles that i promised to play with after school, but he's having fun!  :)

learning to eat a snack by themselves (typically indonesian children are spoon fed until they are about 5 years old).  luke ate the chocolate sprinkles off the bread with a spoon… and he ate only the chocolate sprinkles.  

a class photo.  i mean, these kids are so cute!  the little guy on the right with the mohawk is luke's best buddy, alif.  i love him.  and please notice luke's indonesian pose.  he's touching his cheeks just like all people who are photographed under the age of 30 years old do here.  hilarious.

and luke's 2013 school picture… which happened because i offered him a piece of chocolate.  i mean, when the mom is photographing 20+ kids you do what you have to.  :)  and yes, i did school pictures for every one of them.  they are adorable.

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