Monday, November 25, 2013

the crab walk

luke has been sleeping on the floor almost exclusively for about a month… though on and off for several months.  it's weird, i know.  i just moved the mattress to the floor yesterday, before that he just slept on the rug.  i had tried to mattress before but he didn't want it.  

in a land of many creatures, sleeping on the floor can come with some risks.  and we have a few stories to prove it.  

a few weeks ago luke woke up around 5am and i went into his room to lay with him and help him fall back asleep.  he kept creeping closer and closer to me, patting me and being sweet.  then, all of the sudden i feel something on my face… and it wasn't luke's hand.  i grabbed it off my face and threw it across the room… and i could tell that it kind of flew.  i, of course, kind of freaked out and it woke luke up entirely.  i turned on the light and saw a huge cockroach!  sick, a cockroach was on my cheek!  

then, today we had another occurrence.  i was about to put luke down for his nap and we were laying on his bed with the light still on.  he wanted to go get his guitar to sleep with and i just waited in his bed.  as he's about to walk back in, i look towards the door and yell at him to freeze!  don't walk any closer!  oh, there was a crab.  yes a CRAB in his room.  his room isn't close to the front door and the day before mary saw a crab on the front porch, so we're assuming that little crab has been hanging out in our house the last 24 hours and just made it to luke's room.  i can't really think about if i had already turned the light off with luke sleeping on the floor and a crab in his room.  oh my.  

but, he luckily he's grown up here so he's kind of obsessed with the creatures we encounter.  i think he may become an ant scientist… his favorite activity while he's doing his business on the toilet is researching the ant activity happening in our bathroom.  he usually calls me in 4 times before he's done just to let me know what the ants are doing.  he also loves mosquitos.  he has a collection on the edge of his dresser of the ones we kill in his room every night.  he picks them up by the legs and puts them on the same corner every night.  don't worry, i throw the collection away every few days.  :)  

and the moral of the story is… tomorrow we're ordering a bed for luke.  

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