Sunday, November 3, 2013

traumatized?!? i hope not.

last weekend we took a weekend away with some friends to a little town in the mountains called Batu.  the change in weather and scenery was so nice!  it was green, fresh and a little cool in the mornings.  

i don't really have pictures from the weekend except for a few from the zoo.  there is a zoo there and it's really nice!  a ton of cool animals and a ton of rides.  my kids have never done rides before… so this was fun for them.  mary is generally timid and luke is usually up for a challenge.  

here they are on the very mild airplanes… nothing but going in a slow circle, all was well!

then, luke wanted to go on the jeep ride, like our friend eli (who is mary's age and very brave).  well, that didn't turn out so well.  

he was terrified, poor little guy.  the jeeps were supposed to be "off-roading" so they were really jerky and would feel like it was falling.  they can't stop the ride for a scared kid so every time he passed me i felt so bad.  i couldn't do anything about it but cheer for him and encourage him to be brave.  you could see his little face trying so hard not to cry, he was trying to be brave but he was so afraid.  i was dying laughing at his face and couldn't wait to go get him when it was over.  and i was being supermom, documenting his terrified face by taking pictures… which are blurry because of my laughing.  :)  i'm praying he forgets it soon… he was traumatized the rest of the day and wouldn't try other rides. 

mary thought she was so brave and awesome going on the dumbo ride with leslie.  thanks, les!  :)

feeding the giraffes… which could have clearly crossed the small fence and eaten our heads.  

us trying to get a family picture… while being afraid that thing's sick, long purple tongue was going to reach out for my hair or something.  

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Emily said...

Poor Lukey! Looked like a fun outing though!