Tuesday, December 3, 2013

celebrate... she found her courage.

this past weekend we went to malang (the city we lived in our first two years here).  it was so nice to be there!  we celebrated thanksgiving together and we spoke a lot of english with our american friends.  :)  our kids also had a great time hanging out with their old buddies.  we stayed with some friends who have kids similar ages as ours, the kids played and we were able to have so many life-giving, encouraging adult conversations.  we felt so rested and refreshed.  thank you, mj and hayley!

on to the zoo… i decided not to lug my camera around so it's all phone pics today.  excuse the quality.

the kids loved feeding the giraffes!  they were so brave and i was so proud.  

bravery isn't the first word i would use to describe mary so i was so excited when she got the courage to feed the giraffe.  and then, she celebrated herself.  love her.  

side note: crocs with socks is usually not permitted in the pierce household, but mary had just gotten out of a play area where socks were required.  she really wanted to wear her new smurf socks… i let it slide this time.  :)

two little peas in a pod all weekend.  before we moved they weren't really playing together (still too much of an age difference) but this trip they played for hours together.  it was so fun for mary!  she misses her friend already.  so thankful for this sweet little friend.

the boys checking out the tiger together.  got to be honest, i don't love the glass floor with tigers underneath.  i mean, something in me just doesn't want to put my life in the hands of indonesian construction.  but, the kids couldn't resist.  

taking it easy one evening watching peep and the big wide world.  and if you haven't heard of peep, you should check in out right now.  funny, educational 8 minute science videos of kids.  i often catch mary laughing out loud by herself… which is one of my favorite sounds ever.  

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