Monday, December 30, 2013

happy birthday luke!

blogging in december hasn't really happened but i will be doing some catching up today… here's a look into our december.

luke had his birthday and we celebrated at PAUD (his playgroup).  here's the birthday cake i made. 

the birthday boy!

singing "happy birSday" and "panjang umurnya"

after everything was done and the kids were going home, luke went back for round 2 of cake.  and look  at all of those goods!  he got a ton of presents. 

just to show the general state of my kid's cleanliness… here is luke's foot after the morning...

then we played a little bit of soccer in our front porch area and this is what luke looked like by the end of it.  i mean, how does the kid get so dirty!?!?

happy birthday to my boy… who is clearly all boy.

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Emily said...

Awesome cake, LIsa! So impressed!