Tuesday, December 31, 2013

mary on stage, take one

on to the christmas festivities.  i've done a very poor job of photography this month (like 10 pictures from christmas and none from the eve)… but here are a few from mary's christmas performance.  

she was constantly singing her songs at home so we were curious to see how she would do in front of a lot of people.  she did great and loved being on stage!  

the sweetness… i love her. 

all of the classes did little songs but in between them all of the kids went on stage and would just sing and dance together.  luke joined mary and he loved it!  he wanted to be on stage the entire time and we kept telling him he wasn't allowed to join a random class.  but, then he went up with mary and he was goofy excited.  it was hilarious.

and then i caught this gem… way to make a mom proud.  mary is up to her knuckles in her nostril.  and this is a good example of luke's emotions while he was allowed to be on stage.  

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karen said...

Seriously... Mary is so adorable. And absolutely beautiful!