Thursday, January 30, 2014

project 52-- week 4

 i love the way he looks at her.  

ISO 400, 1/250, f2.8, 85mm

i took some photos of my kids a few days ago to decorate the play room.  my main goal was to get black and whites.  i had the play room painted yellow and WOW, it is yellow!  so, i'm going to print some big black and white canvases of the kids.  we need to tone that room down!  :)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

ahh, green space

in chiang mai we stayed at this wonderful place that was on a bunch of acres-- there was a big playground, paddle boats, a little zoo and beautifully kept gardens.  it was so nice to be in green space!  

on our last day there we did a lot of the activities.  danny went in the freezing cold swimming pool and we went paddle boating.  the paddle boats were clearly not made for a daddy and a little girl.  maybe danny and mary weren't the best paddle boat partners.  :)  

our buddies, mj and maya

luke and his buddy, jakin

we did a lot of playing on the playground.  it was so fun for our kids.  playgrounds are not plentiful in indonesia and if they do exist they are rough.  like holes in the slides and broken ladders.  so, this playground was awesome for us!

my gangster kid.  he got that blue hat from a friend at school for his birthday (it says "kidd rock").  secretly, i think it's cute when he wears it and he loves to wear it!  he always wants to put it on before we go outside… and he always wears it cocked.  :)  

feeding the fish.  

so thankful for the beautiful, green space to have some good family time.  and, i realize i have almost no pictures of the green space i'm thankful for.  but, i promise there were huge, beautifully manicured gardens that you could easily walk through for an hour.  and there were tons of bushes shaped as different animals.  so fun for the kids!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

thailand and ugly elephants

we just got back from thailand.  we had a really great time and have very few photos to show for it.  we spent a week of that time being refreshed at a conference with new and old friends.  it was great!  

we had a few days on both ends to see the sights of chiang mai.  can i just say, i love chiang mai!?!  i mean, the western food is so plentiful.  i couldn't really get over all of the amazing food options.  we ate mexican.  yum.  

besides the food, we saw some elephants.  i don't think i ever realized how very ugly elephants are.  here is danny trying to help mary be brave… which she was very NOT brave.  she liked to look at them from afar.  

 this is how i felt about being close to the elephants.  i really was trying to brave but when it came down to it… well, i did not want that thing to touch me.  they were all behind these bars but they hugged people with their trunks.  our friends have a video of my reaction when the elephant touched me from behind.  lets just say, i know where mary gets her bravery… or lack there of.  :)  

our sweet friends that we went with.

here are the tricks they did.  

first, just to climb on the elephant… that was a trick in my mind.  

they played soccer and basketball… luke's two favorite things.

they also played the harmonica.  

and painted.  you could buy the paintings after the show.  kind of funny… but i was pretty impressed with their art work.  

lastly, did you know that the trunk of elephants are like two big fingers they use to grab things?  i didn't know that until i moved to asia and actually fed an elephant… maybe i just missed something in school but it was new info to me.  check out that grip.  weird, huh?  

more photos of thailand to come...

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

project 52-- week 2 & 3

one of my goals this year is to take more photos.  so, i'm attempting to do a project 52.  i want to capture one photo every week and edit it.  hopefully this will get me shooting more than once a month and editing regularly.  i already missed week 1 and i already forgave myself.  :)

i'm going to write a caption under all of them to remember the moment.  and i'm going to include the photograph info… this is mainly for me.  i want to continue to learn and sometimes i get stuck on a setting.  i want to see the habits i have, embrace some of them and hopefully change some of them.    

week 2:

the most natural place for a kid pinky to fit.  chiang mai, thailand.  
ISO 400, 1/250, f2.8, 85mm

week 3: 

outside our hotel, looking at the river.  chiang mai, thailand.
ISO 100, 1/400, f2.8, 50mm

hopefully i will be doing this every week.  ;)  

**i will also continue using photos that are just snap shots here.  i vowed when i started photography that i would not fail to post something about our life here because my photos weren't good enough or i didn't have time to edit them.  

Sunday, January 5, 2014

2013 Photography

here are some of the beautiful and unique people that i had the privilege to photograph this year.  

i am no professional but i really enjoy photography.  this year i have a goal of shooting once a week and editing one photo a week.  i don't shoot that often so i'm hoping that this goal will help me capture the everyday of life in indonesia and grow my ability as a photographer.  and on a side note, shout out to my husband who keeps the kids while i pursue my hobby.  i'm so thankful that i have a husband who is really supportive of me.  though danny knows nothing about photography, he gives me time and space to photograph because he knows i love it and he's always so encouraging about it all.  thanks, love.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

2013 photo review

this year's photo review is via instagram.  it's unfortunate it's via my phone but i just didn't get my camera out enough on a day to day basis to capture moments but i do hope to change that this year.  

i will be posting my favorite real photos from 2013 soon.  

but for now here's my favorite from each month.













and check out 2012 Photo Review, honestly a lot better and January's photo is still my favorite ever.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

mary on stage, take two

mary took the stage again with her class.  it was really a cultural experience!  they have these big singing and dance competitions for schools here… there were hundreds of kids!!!  and they were serious.  their outfits were amazingly ornate and their make up was like broadway peeps.  

and then there's mary and her class.  absolutely adorable but so sweet and simple looking compared to their competition. :)  they wore a kebaya (which is the traditional dressy outfit for women here).  she loved it and so did i!  she wore it out to dinner that night and it was a big hit.  

this is her right before she went on stage… she was so excited!  

doin' their thing on stage. 

just finished… mary's excited tippy toe move.

 it was a fun cultural experience and fun to see mary on stage with her friends.  i was worried she wasn't going to be happy there… a lot of people who probably don't expect a little white girl in a traditional outfit.  i was expecting a lot of cheek pinching from strangers and a lot of yelling and scowls from mary.  but mary did great!  she was so excited about being on stage and her outfit that the pinches didn't bother her.  

and here's an example of some of the other kids.  done up! 

and here is one of the many beautiful little girls i saw.  indonesians are such beautiful people!