Sunday, January 5, 2014

2013 Photography

here are some of the beautiful and unique people that i had the privilege to photograph this year.  

i am no professional but i really enjoy photography.  this year i have a goal of shooting once a week and editing one photo a week.  i don't shoot that often so i'm hoping that this goal will help me capture the everyday of life in indonesia and grow my ability as a photographer.  and on a side note, shout out to my husband who keeps the kids while i pursue my hobby.  i'm so thankful that i have a husband who is really supportive of me.  though danny knows nothing about photography, he gives me time and space to photograph because he knows i love it and he's always so encouraging about it all.  thanks, love.

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carrie said...

LISA - you are really gifted my friend. what are you using to edit?