Thursday, January 2, 2014

mary on stage, take two

mary took the stage again with her class.  it was really a cultural experience!  they have these big singing and dance competitions for schools here… there were hundreds of kids!!!  and they were serious.  their outfits were amazingly ornate and their make up was like broadway peeps.  

and then there's mary and her class.  absolutely adorable but so sweet and simple looking compared to their competition. :)  they wore a kebaya (which is the traditional dressy outfit for women here).  she loved it and so did i!  she wore it out to dinner that night and it was a big hit.  

this is her right before she went on stage… she was so excited!  

doin' their thing on stage. 

just finished… mary's excited tippy toe move.

 it was a fun cultural experience and fun to see mary on stage with her friends.  i was worried she wasn't going to be happy there… a lot of people who probably don't expect a little white girl in a traditional outfit.  i was expecting a lot of cheek pinching from strangers and a lot of yelling and scowls from mary.  but mary did great!  she was so excited about being on stage and her outfit that the pinches didn't bother her.  

and here's an example of some of the other kids.  done up! 

and here is one of the many beautiful little girls i saw.  indonesians are such beautiful people!

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