Wednesday, February 26, 2014

random happenings...

random update with pictures so it's not too boring….

my parents are here!  we love having mimi and papa here.  mary and luke especially love having mimi and papa here!  they called them "mom and dad" the first few days they were here… easy kids.  

we put a basketball hoop up in our neighborhood last week.  it's a hit!  we've been playing every afternoon this week and we've been pleasantly surprised with the players that have come out.  we're getting to know neighbors and playing ball together.  win, win.  and it's especially fun to have my dad here to play with us!  in his fifties and he still has it (more than anyone else on the court)!  :)

adoption update:  we're waiting.  for real, we're on the waiting list!  that's progress.  we invite you to pray for our child with us. pray that our baby's daily physical needs are provided.  ask God to provide one person to love our child while we're not with him/her to do it-- someone to hold our child while they are fed a bottle, look at our baby's eyes and talk or sing to him/her.  on a more practical note, our finger prints have failed again (2nd time)!  which means we have to do criminal background checks for the last five years.  pray especially for that process in indonesia.  lastly, we will begin applying for grants again-- please pray with us for God's financial provision through the whole process.  

lastly, danny and i are taking 2 nights away this weekend since my parents are here and are graciously agreed to watch our kids.  we're taking the train to Jogjakarta, another city on our island that is considered the center of javanese culture.  we're really looking forward to the time away together and to see some sites.  thanks, mom and dad!  

Sunday, February 23, 2014

project 52-- week 6

ISO 200, 1/320, f2.5, 85mm

today i'm featuring my friends, leslie and phil.  our family and leslie moved to indonesia at the same time and we've been close neighbors the last 2.5 years.  she went home to America a few days ago to get married to her wonderful fiancĂ©, phil.  i did a quick 6am photo shoot the day before they left.  

i took leslie to the airport a few days ago… as she walked off i began to cry (obviously, she's one of my dearest friends here).  i felt this pit in my stomach of being alone.  i'm far from alone here but i will really miss the friendship i have had with leslie.  we share a lot of common interests and have a really fun and deep friendship.  i thought, who will i text when i have an "oh my gosh!" indonesian experience to share!?!  it's fun having someone know the culture and appreciate the humor in the daily things we encounter here.  honestly, that was my first thought.  my really fun friend was gone.  

leslie is so much more than a fun friend to us, she has become part of our family.  danny and i deeply care about her and have so valued her friendships and partnership in our lives here.  we love having her in our house and just being part of the family.  she loves our kids well and intentionally spends time with them.  she took mary on "leslie dates", which were often the highlight of mary's month.  :)

she has lived a "YES" life in indonesia.  honestly, life can be difficult here, but she consistently sought God and said yes to Him.  she was selfless, caring and sacrificial on a daily basis, enabling her to make deep friendships and bless so many of the people God brought into her life here.  she was humble before God and others, seeking to grow and be changed by God.  

leslie, we love you!  we are honored to have walked with you this last season in life.  thank you for being gracious, loving and fun.  we miss you deeply!  and now i'm going to cry so… 

and just want to mention, we think phil is great too, he just hasn't been in indonesia for a few years with us… yet.  ;)  but we did have him as a house guest for a few weeks and really enjoyed getting to hang out and

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Project 52-- week 5

ISO 200, 1/400, f1.8, 85mm

this project 52 deal is a bit harder than i imagined.  i had my camera out for all of 6 minutes this week… maybe not even that long.  here's luke sitting outside of our house where we often hang out with our neighbors. he's in his PJ shirt, undies and basketball shoes.  it was 4:45pm.  mom of the year, here.

that's his pretend mad face because i was taking pictures.  our sweet neighbor (who we call "grandma mul") had just stepped out of the frame because she didn't want to make the photo ugly… she's actually adorable!  their interaction is exactly what i wanted to capture.  so thankful for our neighborhood.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Instagram Upload

Here's instagram upload, with a few comments from Danny (since Lisa left me with the task of posting this).  **danny didn't do his assigned task so i'm back finishing up the clever comments.  can you guess which ones i wrote and which ones he wrote?  :)

homemade hammock… luke and alif


Our kids think that Santa is a short Javanese man.

proudly wearing her kabaya… a traditional javanese outfit

Decorating Christmas cookies.  I wish we would have gotten a picture of Luke sneaking off with the sprinkles .
Reason #489 Luke will need therapy when he's older.

thank you God for technology.  we used FaceTime to be a part of our big family christmas celebration!

christmas eve

We had an infestation of flying termites; here are some who recently left for termite heaven.

Mary's first sleepover with her friend, Maya.

luke lead me in worship one morning… loved it.

Without Danny, of course.  (Not to be a punk, but I'm pretty sure Lisa took the pictures of the kids, which by definition means they are not selfies.)

"Open the gates and seize the day!" (5 Bonus points if you get the reference.)

elephant camp in thailand… i didn't want to get any closer to those ugly creatures!

Luke sleeping with his Sword of the Spirit.  Two of them, in fact, for the double anointing (ah, a little Pentecostal humor).

morning snuggles.

not thrilled by the people who keep grabbing at them.  luke looks ticked, huh?

Luke discovered Reese's in Thailand.  We all gained 5 lbs.

Who needs to bring activities on the plane when you can just give your kids the Emergency Instructions?

quality time with some friends.