Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Instagram Upload

Here's instagram upload, with a few comments from Danny (since Lisa left me with the task of posting this).  **danny didn't do his assigned task so i'm back finishing up the clever comments.  can you guess which ones i wrote and which ones he wrote?  :)

homemade hammock… luke and alif


Our kids think that Santa is a short Javanese man.

proudly wearing her kabaya… a traditional javanese outfit

Decorating Christmas cookies.  I wish we would have gotten a picture of Luke sneaking off with the sprinkles .
Reason #489 Luke will need therapy when he's older.

thank you God for technology.  we used FaceTime to be a part of our big family christmas celebration!

christmas eve

We had an infestation of flying termites; here are some who recently left for termite heaven.

Mary's first sleepover with her friend, Maya.

luke lead me in worship one morning… loved it.

Without Danny, of course.  (Not to be a punk, but I'm pretty sure Lisa took the pictures of the kids, which by definition means they are not selfies.)

"Open the gates and seize the day!" (5 Bonus points if you get the reference.)

elephant camp in thailand… i didn't want to get any closer to those ugly creatures!

Luke sleeping with his Sword of the Spirit.  Two of them, in fact, for the double anointing (ah, a little Pentecostal humor).

morning snuggles.

not thrilled by the people who keep grabbing at them.  luke looks ticked, huh?

Luke discovered Reese's in Thailand.  We all gained 5 lbs.

Who needs to bring activities on the plane when you can just give your kids the Emergency Instructions?

quality time with some friends.

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karen said...

Danny did the Newsies reference...and if he didn't he definitely knows it
And those termites are a perfectly good snack in Uganda (and Kenya too)... did you see my instagram with Noah eating one?...I actually have video of me eating one too because when in Rome...