Wednesday, February 26, 2014

random happenings...

random update with pictures so it's not too boring….

my parents are here!  we love having mimi and papa here.  mary and luke especially love having mimi and papa here!  they called them "mom and dad" the first few days they were here… easy kids.  

we put a basketball hoop up in our neighborhood last week.  it's a hit!  we've been playing every afternoon this week and we've been pleasantly surprised with the players that have come out.  we're getting to know neighbors and playing ball together.  win, win.  and it's especially fun to have my dad here to play with us!  in his fifties and he still has it (more than anyone else on the court)!  :)

adoption update:  we're waiting.  for real, we're on the waiting list!  that's progress.  we invite you to pray for our child with us. pray that our baby's daily physical needs are provided.  ask God to provide one person to love our child while we're not with him/her to do it-- someone to hold our child while they are fed a bottle, look at our baby's eyes and talk or sing to him/her.  on a more practical note, our finger prints have failed again (2nd time)!  which means we have to do criminal background checks for the last five years.  pray especially for that process in indonesia.  lastly, we will begin applying for grants again-- please pray with us for God's financial provision through the whole process.  

lastly, danny and i are taking 2 nights away this weekend since my parents are here and are graciously agreed to watch our kids.  we're taking the train to Jogjakarta, another city on our island that is considered the center of javanese culture.  we're really looking forward to the time away together and to see some sites.  thanks, mom and dad!  

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