Thursday, March 27, 2014


they ran off into the puddles with pure joy.  i call their name so they will turn around and i can get a picture of them.  they both posed like this.  by themselves.  hilarious.  it has asian selfie written all over it.  (please note luke's finger by his cheek)

i feel like there has been a shift in the last few weeks.  a really great shift in our house.  they are starting to play together more and more and enjoy themselves.  they are loud, rowdy and quite honestly, a little annoying as they rambunctiously run around the house.  they don't really play quite games together-- their favorites are building forts with every pillow in the house, playing dog (read: endlessly barking at my feet asking for me to pet them) and role playing david and goliath.  nothing about their play together is quiet.  

but i love it.  i love hearing luke yell 'mawy, mawy, watch dis!' and then i hear her die laughing.  he feeds on her laughter.  i love hearing mary boss luke around and luke happily doing all that she says.  i remember having a little brother like that… or at least i bossed him and hoped he'd follow along.  

they really couldn't be more different in personality and interests but somehow they are becoming buddies.  i tell them all of the time God gave them a brother/sister so that they always have a friend to love and play with.  i write this as they watch "peep and the big wide world together" dying laughing, looking at each other.  so cute.  

anyways, i have two ways that they love one another right now that i don't want to forget.  recently we've been a lot of conferences/meetings where they have to go to child care together.  luke never wants to go and mary really takes it upon herself to help him.  they hold hands and she reassures him that it will be okay and they will be together.  he won't go in unless he's with mary.  i love the way she cares for him.  

and as far as luke loving his sister, well he adores her.  but one thing that i LOVE is that he always thinks of her.  here's a few examples:  he asks if they can have a yogurt drink (kind of a treat).  if i agree he immediately turns around and runs to find mary, yelling 'mawy, mawy… mom said we can have a yogurt drink!'  he comes back and gets one for her and runs to give it to her.  even when she's at school he thinks of her.  we will go to the grocery store and i tell him we can split a kit kat (it has two pieces).  he always says we have to buy another one so mary can have one when she gets home from school.  if he gets a cookie, he asks for one to give to mary.  if i tell him we're going to go to the mall 
(a fun outing for our family… weird i know, but it has AC and usually it includes ice cream), before he can even respond he turns around and he's running off to tell mary the exciting news.  it's so sweet.  he doesn't share toys all of the time and he definitely still looks for ways to annoy her (and he hits her with his sword, takes her blanket and tackles her) and she still screams at him… but he always wants to share treats or exciting news with her first.  so, we'll celebrate the victories.  :)

so, today i'm thankful for their growing friendship.  i still have many days where i would identify my main role as "referee" but they're making big progress.  before you picture pleasantville in the pierce home let me give an update on the current happenings as i write this… the video is over and they are fighting over a blanket… tug of war, laughing, screaming, hitting and then laughing again… and then mary just banged her head against the wall and is screaming at luke.  okay, so we're still working on a lot of things.  :)   

for now, i'll celebrate the fact that they laugh together, protect one another and think of each other… and i'll deal with the countless fights as they come.  

Monday, March 24, 2014

project 52-- week 11

ISO 200, 1/800, f 2.8, 50mm

it's rainy season here in indonesia and i let my kids play in the puddles.  it's gross but my kids love it.  luke's clearly contemplating life.  and on a side note, i'm going to be so sad when all that baby love on luke's stocky body is gone.  

in other news, i'm entered a photo to be critiqued on a website i frequent.  check it out.  leslie and phil, y'all are dreamy.  :)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

luke, my madurese kid.

luke had a program last weekend for the "birthday" of his neighborhood playgroup (PAUD).  it was awesome.  all of the kids wore traditional clothing and sang songs and danced.  of course there was a coloring competition first… they love coloring competitions here.  

here's my guy in action.  i mean, if i'm honest i can hardly handle the cuteness.  the boys had a horse between their legs and a whip in the other hand as they danced.  luke loved his whip!  surprise, surprise, right.

here is our friend, alif's mom, putting luke's mustache and side burns on.  he was so proud of his facial hair.  and do you see how his hair is completely soaked.  yeah, it's sweat.  i was that sweaty too.  awesome.

first they sang the indonesian national anthem and their PAUD song.  he was serious.  

then it was dance time.  honestly, he had a terrible attitude almost every day at school leading up to this program so i wasn't too hopeful of his involvement.  but, he did great (as he was consistently reminded of the family ice cream party we're going to have when he's done dancing).  :)  i was so proud of him!  

instagram version:

lastly, here's mary doing her thing at the coloring competition.  my favorite thing about this picture is the four visible beads of sweat on her forehead as she sitting still and coloring… did i mention it's hot in surabaya?  ;)

Friday, March 21, 2014

project 52-- week 10

ISO 400, 1/160, f 3.2, 18-50mm @40mm 

this is alif, luke's best bud here.  i love alif and his sweet family!  he's adorable and sweet and a peanut compared to luke.  i love his little smile in this photo.  luke had a performance for school last week (more photos to come) but this was my favorite from it… the only time i took my camera out last week.  this project 52 is a little more difficult than i imagined.  oh well.

thankful for luke's little school and the good friends we've made here.  

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

weekend away-- jogjakarta!

a few weeks ago danny and i took a train to Jogjakarta (about 4 hours away) and had a two night get away.  it was so fun and we loved just getting time to talk without having to hear about soldiers or babies or balls or pretend play.  i love my kids but i also love to get time with danny… and i think weekends like this are invaluable!  so, thanks mom and dad for watching the kids!

our hotel was awesome!  it was a really nice hotel, historic and very javanese.  the buildings and decor were beautiful, there was live traditional music playing during breakfast and the staff was so very javanese (mild mannered, super polite and in traditional clothing).  

here we are just hanging out after breakfast. danny was really excited about me setting up the camera me making him take pictures.  :)  

one of the main tourist sites outside of the city… it's call borobudur, it's a old, huge buddhist temple.  side note: mary just walked up and looked at my computer and said "is that jericho!?"  :)

here we are on top of the temple… a beautiful view of mountains all around.

i also made another amazing discovery… there are now retractable poles used to make selflies that much better!  here's one in action.  :)  confession… i could have used that i few times as i was setting the camera up for photos with danny.  

here are a few photos of some of the sights.  
women selling handicrafts on the sidewalk.  there were a lot of people selling things there!

a boy and his dad watching the pigeon they just released.  i don't really get what the deal is with these pigeons, but they do something with them.  

a traditional dancer… not going to lie, something about them kind of weirds me out.  

so thankful that we got to see another part of a country we love so much and spend quality time together.  thanks again, mom and dad!  

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

mimi and papa in indonesia!

mimi and papa came to indonesia!  they have actually already left (tear) but i haven't been great about blogging so i'm just getting to their visit.  we had a great time, we just wish it was longer!  

it's like mary and luke have their own play buddies 24/7.  my parents are so fun with them and obviously really treasure the time they have with them. 

they play along with everything… even when mary asks to eat dinner "around the fire" like little house on the prairie.  danny and papa decided they could have chairs around the fire.  :)  

mimi and papa came with a lot of new books for the kids (something we love getting here!) so there was a lot of reading to be done.  mary could easily sit with mimi for an hour and listen to her read.  luke… well, he was in and out a bit more… probably going to hit papa a few times.  he rarely went more than an hour without giving him a good punch.  :)  

this was our big accomplishment of the trip.  we put a basketball hoop up in our neighborhood.  it's so fun!  it's not exactly up to american basketball court standards but it's exactly 10 feet (which we consider a minor miracle after watching the way they put it up).  

papa basically schooled all the young guys the entire week.  they are still asking about him.  i had so much fun playing with my dad again.  i grew up doing it and it's fun to get to do it again.  danny and i went and played last night for the first time since they left (it's been raining a lot in the afternoons)… it's so fun to have a place to play.  basketball isn't super popular here so i didn't know how many people would come out to play but there are actually a ton of kids that come play.  we also put up a 5 foot hoop for luke and he loves it!  

here's my little man.  he loves being at the court, he loves watching the big guys and helping them get the ball when it goes out of bounds.  it's so cute how excited he gets.  he used to sob when i played but now he likes to watch me play with the big boys.  :)  

in action  :) 

 mimi should get an award for coming to the court every afternoon.  she went back and forth on the motorcycle with the kids, keeping them occupied so we could all play.  thanks so much mom!  i loved getting to play with dad!  

and while they were here we celebrated a special birthday… papa!  

i can't believe i never took my camera out and took a few real photos of my kids with mimi and papa!  next time… which hopefully won't be too far away!  :)  

thanks for coming mom and dad.  i know we didn't do as much as we wanted but we really loved having you!  thanks for just jumping in and going with the flow of life with little kids.  can't wait to have y'all back here again.  

Thursday, March 13, 2014

project 52-- week 9

ISO100, 1/125, f 2.8, 50mm

mary playing dress up at a friend's house.  

our kids are in such a funny stage… mary is a thinker and the things that come out of her mouth these days crack me up.  they may be better in person (and if you can "hear" her say it) but i'm going to write a few so i don't forget in 5 years, or 5 days.

today we were at the mall.  she asked for a barbie as we walked by it.  we don't do barbies yet… no judgement if you do, we just don't at this point.  she asked why she couldn't have one.  i said something like, remember how we talk about looking at the inside of a person to find beauty instead of the outside… barbies have a lot of outward beauty that isn't realistic (heavy for a 4 year old, i know).  she said something like this, "i have an idea!  you know how i always pretend with "my people" that there is Jesus and that He heals them and stuff.  well, the barbies can have a pretend Jesus and they can be with him.  then, when i open them up and look into their hearts they will be pretty on the inside too, mom!"  it was much longer than that and had a lot of thoughtful pauses and deep breaths.  i almost wanted to give in because i was so impressed with her logic.  almost.  

tonight i was cooking dinner.  she asked if she could be the philistines and act kind of mad.  i was half paying attention and said sure.  her face turned into a scowl and she said yelled angrily "hi mom!" i said hi.  "how was your day?", continuing in angry mode.  i said fine as i stirred our dinner.  then she looked at me with her angry eyes and grumbled "thanks for making us dinner, mom!"  i couldn't help but laugh.  she's sweet even when she's being "angry."  

as i was putting her to bed we had a long conversation about praying.  loves the bible, bursts out into spontaneous worship songs for things she's thankful for, etc… but she does not want to pray.  i'm trying to be okay with it and just talk about it with her.  anyways, tonight as i was putting her to bed i was reading a book about a little girl praying (thanks, carolyn!) and we had a long talk about talking to God.  she told me she felt funny, and i said it was okay.  i would just pray.  as i was praying she said she wanted to also… i felt like it was a real victory for her because she decided she wanted to.  she prayed for our baby we're waiting for… she prayed that he/she would be filled with joy today, that baby would have peace in his heart, she prayed that we would be a good family and that she and luke would be a good sister and brother.  then, she said "i pray that our baby will have courage to come into our family and have a new mommy, a white mommy."  she stopped praying and explained to me how some of her friends who don't have mommies are darker and they might be afraid to have a white mommy like me.  wisdom.

so thankful for my funny, thoughtful girl. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

project 52-- week 8

ISO 400, 1/320, f3.2, 85mm

a boy and his pigeons.  there is this "game" they play here with pigeons.  i actually don't really get it but occasionally you see guys stop in our neighborhood on their motorcycles with boxes.  inside are their boxes are pigeons.  they through them into the air and look where they go.  sometimes they are training them so i think they come back… but i think the goal is to have them deliver messages.  like train them to go somewhere with a message.  clearly, i have a bit to learn.  i'll have to get some more info on the situation.  anyways, this boy was in the middle of a rather busy road with his dad letting their pigeons go.  i walked up right after they threw them into the air (so sad i missed that shot), but here he is watching them fly off.  yes, luke, you may have a pigeon backpack when you're 12 years old also….  :)