Thursday, March 27, 2014


they ran off into the puddles with pure joy.  i call their name so they will turn around and i can get a picture of them.  they both posed like this.  by themselves.  hilarious.  it has asian selfie written all over it.  (please note luke's finger by his cheek)

i feel like there has been a shift in the last few weeks.  a really great shift in our house.  they are starting to play together more and more and enjoy themselves.  they are loud, rowdy and quite honestly, a little annoying as they rambunctiously run around the house.  they don't really play quite games together-- their favorites are building forts with every pillow in the house, playing dog (read: endlessly barking at my feet asking for me to pet them) and role playing david and goliath.  nothing about their play together is quiet.  

but i love it.  i love hearing luke yell 'mawy, mawy, watch dis!' and then i hear her die laughing.  he feeds on her laughter.  i love hearing mary boss luke around and luke happily doing all that she says.  i remember having a little brother like that… or at least i bossed him and hoped he'd follow along.  

they really couldn't be more different in personality and interests but somehow they are becoming buddies.  i tell them all of the time God gave them a brother/sister so that they always have a friend to love and play with.  i write this as they watch "peep and the big wide world together" dying laughing, looking at each other.  so cute.  

anyways, i have two ways that they love one another right now that i don't want to forget.  recently we've been a lot of conferences/meetings where they have to go to child care together.  luke never wants to go and mary really takes it upon herself to help him.  they hold hands and she reassures him that it will be okay and they will be together.  he won't go in unless he's with mary.  i love the way she cares for him.  

and as far as luke loving his sister, well he adores her.  but one thing that i LOVE is that he always thinks of her.  here's a few examples:  he asks if they can have a yogurt drink (kind of a treat).  if i agree he immediately turns around and runs to find mary, yelling 'mawy, mawy… mom said we can have a yogurt drink!'  he comes back and gets one for her and runs to give it to her.  even when she's at school he thinks of her.  we will go to the grocery store and i tell him we can split a kit kat (it has two pieces).  he always says we have to buy another one so mary can have one when she gets home from school.  if he gets a cookie, he asks for one to give to mary.  if i tell him we're going to go to the mall 
(a fun outing for our family… weird i know, but it has AC and usually it includes ice cream), before he can even respond he turns around and he's running off to tell mary the exciting news.  it's so sweet.  he doesn't share toys all of the time and he definitely still looks for ways to annoy her (and he hits her with his sword, takes her blanket and tackles her) and she still screams at him… but he always wants to share treats or exciting news with her first.  so, we'll celebrate the victories.  :)

so, today i'm thankful for their growing friendship.  i still have many days where i would identify my main role as "referee" but they're making big progress.  before you picture pleasantville in the pierce home let me give an update on the current happenings as i write this… the video is over and they are fighting over a blanket… tug of war, laughing, screaming, hitting and then laughing again… and then mary just banged her head against the wall and is screaming at luke.  okay, so we're still working on a lot of things.  :)   

for now, i'll celebrate the fact that they laugh together, protect one another and think of each other… and i'll deal with the countless fights as they come.  


The Dorans said...

They are so cute and remind me so much of Lily & Micah from all you described. Lily still talks about you guys!

Anonymous said...

That's a great photograph..
two tumbs up for u mam..