Sunday, March 23, 2014

luke, my madurese kid.

luke had a program last weekend for the "birthday" of his neighborhood playgroup (PAUD).  it was awesome.  all of the kids wore traditional clothing and sang songs and danced.  of course there was a coloring competition first… they love coloring competitions here.  

here's my guy in action.  i mean, if i'm honest i can hardly handle the cuteness.  the boys had a horse between their legs and a whip in the other hand as they danced.  luke loved his whip!  surprise, surprise, right.

here is our friend, alif's mom, putting luke's mustache and side burns on.  he was so proud of his facial hair.  and do you see how his hair is completely soaked.  yeah, it's sweat.  i was that sweaty too.  awesome.

first they sang the indonesian national anthem and their PAUD song.  he was serious.  

then it was dance time.  honestly, he had a terrible attitude almost every day at school leading up to this program so i wasn't too hopeful of his involvement.  but, he did great (as he was consistently reminded of the family ice cream party we're going to have when he's done dancing).  :)  i was so proud of him!  

instagram version:

lastly, here's mary doing her thing at the coloring competition.  my favorite thing about this picture is the four visible beads of sweat on her forehead as she sitting still and coloring… did i mention it's hot in surabaya?  ;)

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