Tuesday, March 18, 2014

mimi and papa in indonesia!

mimi and papa came to indonesia!  they have actually already left (tear) but i haven't been great about blogging so i'm just getting to their visit.  we had a great time, we just wish it was longer!  

it's like mary and luke have their own play buddies 24/7.  my parents are so fun with them and obviously really treasure the time they have with them. 

they play along with everything… even when mary asks to eat dinner "around the fire" like little house on the prairie.  danny and papa decided they could have chairs around the fire.  :)  

mimi and papa came with a lot of new books for the kids (something we love getting here!) so there was a lot of reading to be done.  mary could easily sit with mimi for an hour and listen to her read.  luke… well, he was in and out a bit more… probably going to hit papa a few times.  he rarely went more than an hour without giving him a good punch.  :)  

this was our big accomplishment of the trip.  we put a basketball hoop up in our neighborhood.  it's so fun!  it's not exactly up to american basketball court standards but it's exactly 10 feet (which we consider a minor miracle after watching the way they put it up).  

papa basically schooled all the young guys the entire week.  they are still asking about him.  i had so much fun playing with my dad again.  i grew up doing it and it's fun to get to do it again.  danny and i went and played last night for the first time since they left (it's been raining a lot in the afternoons)… it's so fun to have a place to play.  basketball isn't super popular here so i didn't know how many people would come out to play but there are actually a ton of kids that come play.  we also put up a 5 foot hoop for luke and he loves it!  

here's my little man.  he loves being at the court, he loves watching the big guys and helping them get the ball when it goes out of bounds.  it's so cute how excited he gets.  he used to sob when i played but now he likes to watch me play with the big boys.  :)  

in action  :) 

 mimi should get an award for coming to the court every afternoon.  she went back and forth on the motorcycle with the kids, keeping them occupied so we could all play.  thanks so much mom!  i loved getting to play with dad!  

and while they were here we celebrated a special birthday… papa!  

i can't believe i never took my camera out and took a few real photos of my kids with mimi and papa!  next time… which hopefully won't be too far away!  :)  

thanks for coming mom and dad.  i know we didn't do as much as we wanted but we really loved having you!  thanks for just jumping in and going with the flow of life with little kids.  can't wait to have y'all back here again.  

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Emily said...

I love your parents! They are so fun! Mary and Luke could be their little children, too... they are like mini-me's. So great you had time with them.