Sunday, March 2, 2014

project 52-- week 8

ISO 400, 1/320, f3.2, 85mm

a boy and his pigeons.  there is this "game" they play here with pigeons.  i actually don't really get it but occasionally you see guys stop in our neighborhood on their motorcycles with boxes.  inside are their boxes are pigeons.  they through them into the air and look where they go.  sometimes they are training them so i think they come back… but i think the goal is to have them deliver messages.  like train them to go somewhere with a message.  clearly, i have a bit to learn.  i'll have to get some more info on the situation.  anyways, this boy was in the middle of a rather busy road with his dad letting their pigeons go.  i walked up right after they threw them into the air (so sad i missed that shot), but here he is watching them fly off.  yes, luke, you may have a pigeon backpack when you're 12 years old also….  :)

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