Wednesday, March 19, 2014

weekend away-- jogjakarta!

a few weeks ago danny and i took a train to Jogjakarta (about 4 hours away) and had a two night get away.  it was so fun and we loved just getting time to talk without having to hear about soldiers or babies or balls or pretend play.  i love my kids but i also love to get time with danny… and i think weekends like this are invaluable!  so, thanks mom and dad for watching the kids!

our hotel was awesome!  it was a really nice hotel, historic and very javanese.  the buildings and decor were beautiful, there was live traditional music playing during breakfast and the staff was so very javanese (mild mannered, super polite and in traditional clothing).  

here we are just hanging out after breakfast. danny was really excited about me setting up the camera me making him take pictures.  :)  

one of the main tourist sites outside of the city… it's call borobudur, it's a old, huge buddhist temple.  side note: mary just walked up and looked at my computer and said "is that jericho!?"  :)

here we are on top of the temple… a beautiful view of mountains all around.

i also made another amazing discovery… there are now retractable poles used to make selflies that much better!  here's one in action.  :)  confession… i could have used that i few times as i was setting the camera up for photos with danny.  

here are a few photos of some of the sights.  
women selling handicrafts on the sidewalk.  there were a lot of people selling things there!

a boy and his dad watching the pigeon they just released.  i don't really get what the deal is with these pigeons, but they do something with them.  

a traditional dancer… not going to lie, something about them kind of weirds me out.  

so thankful that we got to see another part of a country we love so much and spend quality time together.  thanks again, mom and dad!  

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