Tuesday, April 29, 2014

McD's and the flying rock.

sometimes things happen in indonesia that just wouldn't in america… and usually i like the "less cautious" approach.  :)  last week luke's class went to mcdonald's for a field trip.  they got a tour of the back and then got to make fried chicken.  

luke lounging with his McD's hat on.

putting his raw chicken in the flour

making his own ice cream

and in other news, he had his first day of "big kid" school-- at the one he's been going to i stay with him.  yesterday he went to mary's school and he goes to class by himself.  i was certain it was going to be rough but he actually did great!  

currently he's playing "sling shot" in his room by himself.  he puts a plastic golf ball in a sock, spins it around and lets the ball fly like a rock.  he is screaming NO and throwing a fit because the ball comes out in too few swings… unlike David who got to swing his sling shot around and around before the rock came out.  oh, the tragedies of luke's life.  ;)  

Thursday, April 24, 2014

another look at bali

through my phone...

an after flight cute snuggle moment.

snuggling with ruby

the rowdiness seems to exponentially increase when we all stay in one room.  
that time danny asked a restaurant to open early and live stream the UConn game.  love indonesian hospitality!

picture doesn't do it justice.  i haven't had a turkey sandwich in almost two years… it was amazing.  

my kids were so excited to enjoy the first public drinking fountain in surabaya!  :)

it's okay to wear a speedo when swimming (i mean, kind of… depending on the country you're from…. it might be okay i guess).  :/ but what is not okay… wearing your speedo and an oversized tshirt to the mall.  

Monday, April 21, 2014

bali vacay

so we went to bali last week.  danny had a bit of time off because it was mid-semester exams and last year we won a free week at a hotel in bali!  a free week!  it was one of those things were they try to sell you a vacation club deal.  we didn't buy in ;) but we took the free vacay. 

it was a really nice time for our little family.  we did a lot of swimming, hanging out around the hotel, eating delicious food and a little beach time.   

luke was terrified of the tide and waves…. which was odd because he's not scared of much.  anytime the water came up the shore he would scream and say it was trying to get him.  it was hilarious.  we planted him away from the water and let him play in the sand.  he loved it… he ended up rolling in it. 

danny's photographic talent. :)  the others were of me in my bather… they will stay off the blog.  :)

and mary loved the water.  she didn't go in too deep but loved playing on the shore.  she sat in the water, danced around the sand and sang into the ocean.  i love my little girl who is very much in her own world.   

by danny again.  my sweet girl.  
but, after our time at the beach, we realized we just aren't beach people.  danny and i hate the sand and it turns out the kids do too.  they didn't want to go back because they hated getting sandy.  i mean, we were in bali so i was trying to encourage the beach!  i reminded them of how much fun they had and promised it would be fun again.  they still didn't want to go.  secretly, danny and i were relieved.  :)

although we did love going to watch the sunset.  one night luke and i had a sweet time together talking about the sunset and the greatness of our Creator.  i loved it.  

i had one goal with my time there.  i wanted to get a few good photos of our kids.  we put it off until the last night…. and it didn't happen.  tear.  we were running late, then i pulled my camera out and it was foggy again!!  by the time the fog was gone it was too dark and cloudy.  though this is a bad photograph, i couldn't help but show luke's face.  such a ham.

 we were so thankful for our time in bali.  we've never had a family vacation that long and it was so fun and good for us.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

today we celebrate!

today we celebrate Jesus.  we worship our King.

Jesus died on the cross to cleanse me from my sins.  i deserve the death that He died, but He lovingly took my punishment.   'as far as the east is from the west so far has he removed our transgressions from us.'  i am free.  i am clean.  i rejoice.  today we celebrate that Jesus conquered sin and death when He rose from the grave.  one day, when Jesus returns, there will be no more tears, no more hunger, no more sin, no more death.  today i think about the sacrifice that Jesus made to bring us into this restored eternity in the presence of God.  i long for the day of His return.  

Friday, April 11, 2014

project 52-- week 13

ISO 800, 1/80, f/8, 17mm

we just got back from bali today.  it was a fun, relaxing and hot.  one night i wanted to take photos of the sunset and luke insisted on coming with me.  i rushed us out of the pool, got showered and carried him to the beach.  i get there, very sweaty and all excited to take photos.  i turn on my camera and it's completely foggy.  i took it out of our cold villa and right into the blazing, humid beach.  i was so frustrated.  

after checking it every 3 minutes and not seeing a change, i just decided i'd put the camera up and watch the sunset with luke.  it turned out to be such a sweet time with him.  we just talked and snuggled on the rocks as we watched the sunset.  he loved watching the waves and crabs and boats and colors in the sky.

as it got dark and the colors got more vibrant, i put him on the rock and pulled out my de-fogged camera.  i love my little man looking out onto God's beautiful creation.  and it turned out to be one of my favorite times that week.

**more on our bali vacation soon… and how my parents won a free week at this villa and gave it to us to use.  thanks, mom and dad!!   :)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

project 52-- week 12

ISO 400, 1/500, f 2.5, 50mm

an afternoon of watching luke and the big boys play soccer at a university's field right down the road.  we found green grass, people! 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

reminder: we like david, not goliath.

david and goliath is very popular these days in the pierce home.  any story with soldiers, really.  luke has been a little slower than mary when it comes to interest in books… but these days i often find him in his room, looking at his Bible, re-telling stories.  it's usually david and goliath, joshua and the battle of jericho or moses (with a special interest in the egyptians forcing the israelites to keep working-- they have a whip).  

before you think he's unusually spiritual for a 3 year old, take note that he is basically only looking for soldiers in his bible.  but, we go with it and frequently remind him of who we want to be like in those stories and about their trust in God making them great.  one day, he'll get it but for now, he just want to play soldiers.  i made him a sword, spear and a helmet a few days ago.  he had to have a "belt of truth" for his sword.  i can't get over his still chubby, baby legs.  i love them.  he's ready for battle.

mary also enjoys these stories… it's one of the main things that bonds them these days.  mary loves to pretend anything and luke basically only pretends soldiers/fighting and doggies, so mary just goes along with it.  usually one of them ends up crying.  but they have fun for the 25 minutes before the tears.  :)

mary's sword had a cute little smiley face with goggly eyes, of course.  she was a little more focused on the appearance of the sword than it's function.  

danny pulled in from work as we were outside crafting… so he joined in the fun.  he looks fierce in his soldier helmet, right?

cutey with her sword and belt of truth.  

fierce.  i'm sure goliath would cower at her sight.