Tuesday, April 29, 2014

McD's and the flying rock.

sometimes things happen in indonesia that just wouldn't in america… and usually i like the "less cautious" approach.  :)  last week luke's class went to mcdonald's for a field trip.  they got a tour of the back and then got to make fried chicken.  

luke lounging with his McD's hat on.

putting his raw chicken in the flour

making his own ice cream

and in other news, he had his first day of "big kid" school-- at the one he's been going to i stay with him.  yesterday he went to mary's school and he goes to class by himself.  i was certain it was going to be rough but he actually did great!  

currently he's playing "sling shot" in his room by himself.  he puts a plastic golf ball in a sock, spins it around and lets the ball fly like a rock.  he is screaming NO and throwing a fit because the ball comes out in too few swings… unlike David who got to swing his sling shot around and around before the rock came out.  oh, the tragedies of luke's life.  ;)  

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