Friday, April 11, 2014

project 52-- week 13

ISO 800, 1/80, f/8, 17mm

we just got back from bali today.  it was a fun, relaxing and hot.  one night i wanted to take photos of the sunset and luke insisted on coming with me.  i rushed us out of the pool, got showered and carried him to the beach.  i get there, very sweaty and all excited to take photos.  i turn on my camera and it's completely foggy.  i took it out of our cold villa and right into the blazing, humid beach.  i was so frustrated.  

after checking it every 3 minutes and not seeing a change, i just decided i'd put the camera up and watch the sunset with luke.  it turned out to be such a sweet time with him.  we just talked and snuggled on the rocks as we watched the sunset.  he loved watching the waves and crabs and boats and colors in the sky.

as it got dark and the colors got more vibrant, i put him on the rock and pulled out my de-fogged camera.  i love my little man looking out onto God's beautiful creation.  and it turned out to be one of my favorite times that week.

**more on our bali vacation soon… and how my parents won a free week at this villa and gave it to us to use.  thanks, mom and dad!!   :)

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Courtney said...

Beautiful photo! Can't wait to hear more.