Wednesday, April 2, 2014

reminder: we like david, not goliath.

david and goliath is very popular these days in the pierce home.  any story with soldiers, really.  luke has been a little slower than mary when it comes to interest in books… but these days i often find him in his room, looking at his Bible, re-telling stories.  it's usually david and goliath, joshua and the battle of jericho or moses (with a special interest in the egyptians forcing the israelites to keep working-- they have a whip).  

before you think he's unusually spiritual for a 3 year old, take note that he is basically only looking for soldiers in his bible.  but, we go with it and frequently remind him of who we want to be like in those stories and about their trust in God making them great.  one day, he'll get it but for now, he just want to play soldiers.  i made him a sword, spear and a helmet a few days ago.  he had to have a "belt of truth" for his sword.  i can't get over his still chubby, baby legs.  i love them.  he's ready for battle.

mary also enjoys these stories… it's one of the main things that bonds them these days.  mary loves to pretend anything and luke basically only pretends soldiers/fighting and doggies, so mary just goes along with it.  usually one of them ends up crying.  but they have fun for the 25 minutes before the tears.  :)

mary's sword had a cute little smiley face with goggly eyes, of course.  she was a little more focused on the appearance of the sword than it's function.  

danny pulled in from work as we were outside crafting… so he joined in the fun.  he looks fierce in his soldier helmet, right?

cutey with her sword and belt of truth.  

fierce.  i'm sure goliath would cower at her sight.  

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The Dorans said...

I love how it's ok in Indo for Luke to run around outside in his underwear. Totally awesome.