Thursday, May 8, 2014

things i love about indonesia

i chatted with these people for awhile and i loved watching them interact.  they were so funny together.  it's 4:30ish and they're just hanging out.  it's the time of day that people go walking or sit outside their houses and just visit.  i was out with my neighbors just a few hours ago.  it's something i love about indonesia.   there are a lot of things i love about indonesia in this photo.  i love that indonesians just hang out, i love that indonesians are quick to smile and joke, i love that their neighbors are really neighbors, caring for one another.  and i love that it's totally acceptable for anyone over the age of 30 to wear those bright colored nightgowns all the time.  it's an indonesian moo-moo and i've grown to love them.  sometimes i want to buy one just to see what kind of reactions i'd get… i'm sure danny would love it too.  

the woman on the right couldn't speak… she grunted and made noises that miraculously all of the neighbors around her understood.  she's one of them and interacts just like the rest of them.  it was neat to see how they communicated with her.  i'm not sure if this is just her neighbor or a relative but she soon as she walked up their faces lit up.  

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

project 52-- week 17

ISO 400, f3.5, 1/125, 50mm

yesterday the kids were playing in the street in front of our house… i ran inside to put dinner in the oven (but could see them from the window).  i come out and they were excitedly yelling, "we found a baby frog!"  i was excited because, though i would never want to touch a baby frog, i hope they will be braver than me.  so i was encouraging it… until i got up closer.  

OH, that's NOT a frog.  get away from it!!!  it was a baby bat!  and it was so sick looking.  it was about 6 inches from where the kids were playing in a puddle and doing sidewalk chalk.  it was only a little bit bigger than a quarter.  it was hurt or maybe just brand new so it couldn't really walk.  

so, i got out my camera and took a few shots to document our find.  i've never done a macro photo but figured this was a good chance to try it out since my subject was a bit handicapped.  :)  for the photographers, i used these macro filters that i bought for about $15… just thought i'd give "macro" a try without having to commit to buying a new lens.  they are kind of fun and i won't be buying a macro lens anytime soon.  not my thing.  but, if it were, i could stay busy for months photographing the bugs in my house.

so here is our baby bat… who was gone the next day.  eaten my our friendly rats, i'm sure.  

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

soccer with the big boys.

luke loves soccer.  he loves all sport, really.  but basketball and soccer are his favorite… but we're really hoping that basketball stays number 1.  

if he ever sees kids playing, even if they are teenagers, he sits on the edge and watches… until they notice him and invite him to play.  they love seeing him kick it hard and get so into the game.  he is serious when he plays.  with his little tongue out and twisted.  :)  

as you can tell, he has no lack of self confidence (though lack of self-control is a different story!).  :)  he goes right up to those boys, as if they are the same size as him, and challenges them to play.  i think it's hilarious.  this has helped him win the hearts of many boys around us.  whenever we are out on a walk we hear "lukey" countless times.  there are always boys out playing or riding their bikes and they all know luke.

and this is what the poor big sister does when luke is playing.  look at that face!  i had tried to entertain her with making collections of leaves and then making them into the letters of our names.  but, it only lasted so long.  it's a constant struggle when luke finds people playing soccer or basketball.  he could play all day… and mary wants to go home after 3 minutes.  and then she pouts… and i take a picture of it.  :)  

Friday, May 2, 2014

project 52-- week 16

ISO 400, f3.5, 1/200, 17-50mm (17mm)

today i went out with the sole purpose to photograph… alone.  :)  i rarely get the opportunity but i love it every time.  honestly i was so nervous!  i've been wanting to enter this little strip of houses along the rail road tracks for months but i've been so intimidated.  i finally got up the courage to walk up and ask if i could "main" which basically means hang out.  

this little dirt path that i was walking along is basically like their living room… it's where the kids play, where they eat their meals and where they just hang out.  you can imagine the awkwardness i was feeling as people from every direction watched me hesitantly approach.  i would love to be in these people's minds as i walked up, but whatever weirdness they were thinking of me didn't show.  they warmly welcomed me.  i sat down and chatted with a few different groups of people.  every time i do something like this i love indonesia a little more.  it could be because people here are just so friendly but i feel like there is more to it.  i think i love it a little more because i see more of what Jesus loves here.  my God loves these people and if Jesus were still on earth He'd be walking that path and calling them by name, looking into their eyes and giving them love and value.  i remember one of my favorite teachers speaking about the "three mile per hour God".  check out the short excerpt here.  it is humbling that we have a God like this and it's challenging as i think about my daily life.  what i did was nothing deep and spiritual… i just hung out with these people.  but i hope that when i go back and bring the photos i took of them they will feel a bit known and valued by me and, more importantly, God.