Tuesday, July 22, 2014

we love the village!

a few weeks ago we had the honor of going to our friends' village for a special occasion.  their younger brother was going through a "rite of passage" and we were able to be there to celebrate with them.  the ceremony was at a pesantran, which is a boarding school where kids receive a muslim education.  my friends stopped going to traditional school in 3rd grade but spent a few years of their teenage life there.  we were able to see where they lived at the school and meet some of their teachers.  we were also involved in an extensive, spontaneous photoshoot with the current students.  :)  my kids weren't impressed!  luckily we had invited two American friends to come along for the experience so they were able to be the models while i protected my over-stimulated kids.  :)  

here is mary and luke hiding out in one of the rooms… trying to escape the attention.  i mean, i understand… look at those cuties in their indonesian attire!  mary knew that everyone would be wearing a veil there and that, out of respect for my friends and their community, i would be wearing one also.  she wanted to wear one so badly… and i think she looks pretty darn cute.  

"mama alif" putting mary's head covering on...

mary and our buddies, alif and adik fahri

that afternoon we just hung around the village.  we met a ton of people hanging around and they were all relatives of some sort!  the relatives just kept coming!  here's an adorable little baby that lives next door to my friends' grandma.

many of my friends' relatives farm ducks (i mean, how do you even say that?!?)… i've never seen herds of ducks before and it was amazing!  they move in waves… our little friend (who is 18 months) walked through the pack of ducks and they ducks beautifully shift their position in a way that is so fluid.  it was incredible!  we watched them for a long time!

on our walk… so green and fresh!

and here are my friends eating together.  they had the food on a piece of wax paper and then just all dug in. 

the aunt who was eating a chicken foot.  if i'm honest, i could hardly handle watching her eat it!  she was talking to me just chopping on the foot… toe ligaments flapping as she flung her hands in expression.  it was so sick!  i've told my friends' my true feelings about chicken feet… they were dying laughing at how grossed out i was at something so normal to them.  

then luke and alif got to feed some goats just before it got dark…. and another crowd of relatives gathered.  

this was now about a month ago but i didn't want it to go "undocumented".  we're planning on going back next week for idul fitri, it's the big holiday at the end of the fasting month.  looking forward to our time there again!  so thankful for the friendships, green space and fresh air!

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